Third-Grade Reading Challenge
Author Asia Citro

Watch: Asia Citro on the Inspiration for Her Book 'Dragons and Marshmallows'

Video from author Asia Citro

Hear from local author, Asia Citro, on the inspiration behind her book "Dragons and Marshmallows".

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Students celebrating at a Third-Grade Reading Challenge event.

What students are saying...

The reading challenge has made me a more confident reader. Student from Chain Lake Elementary
Students smiling at the Third-Grade Reading Challenge Final Event

What parents are saying...

The reading challenge has boosted my son's confidence a lot. He seems more motivated for learning overall because he found something he excels at. Parent from Martha Lake Elementary
Team and coaches smile at the Third-Grade Reading Challenge Final Event

What coaches are saying...

The students have really enjoyed this and I have loved seeing the enthusiasm about reading! Coach from Glenwood Elementary
Students celebrating at a school event

What parents are saying...

We have noticed an increase in our child's variety of genre selection, as well as overall enthusiasm. This has been a wonderful experience. Parent from Skyline Elementary
Thrd-Grade Reading Challenge team

Watch: Sno-Isle Libraries Reading Challenge Finals 2019

The event

The "Sno-Isle Libraries Mega-Fun, Biblio-Trivia, Rockem-Sockem Third-Grade Reading Challenge" is a literary trivia program for students enrolled in public schools throughout Snohomish and Island counties.

The program encourages children to have fun and enjoy reading while honing their literacy and teamwork skills. After reading six books, children participate in in-school, semi-final and final Reading Challenge events. These competitive events are styled like a knowledge quiz bowl, testing the teams' knowledge of the books.

Why third grade?

Research shows that reading ability in third grade can be a tipping point for later academic and life success. Students not reading at grade level are less likely to finish high school which may have consequences later in life.

Debbi Michiko Florence,
author of Jasmine Toguchi
Debbi Michiko Florence, author of Jasmine Toguchi

The books

Each year, librarians from Sno-Isle Libraries come up with a new list of six books for the reading challenge. With careful consideration, they choose books that have wide appeal and cover a range of reading abilities. Whenever possible, the list includes books by local authors who also participate in the reading challenge. Our 2019-2020 local authors are Suzanne Selfors and Asia Citro

The benefits

Students, teachers and parents agree the benefits abound to this wildly popular program!

Here's what students say about the program:

  • "The reading challenge makes me feel a part of a team."
  • "I started a huge book and it was easy."
  • "These books are super good."
  • "I really love the Reading Challenge and I hope it goes on for generations."

Parents and teachers watch students grow and develop:

  • "I had some students join this that I knew would and some that surprised me. I loved watching them be excited about feeling special and a part of something. They bonded a lot throughout this process. It also made reading a really positive experience."
  • "I'm thankful for this challenge because he truly gained more confidence and got to be a stronger reader."
  • "We as a family read more due to this challenge."

Every year we survey participants about this program. As a result of the Third Grade Reading Challenge:

  • 92% of participating students reported that they have more confidence in their reading ability
  • 93% of participating students reported feeling more a part of a team
  • 93% of parents reported that their student enjoyed reading more

For more information on the Third-Grade Reading Challenge, email: ReadingChallengeTeam@sno-isle.org

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