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SNO-ISLE SPECIAL: Book Reviews By Local Teens

Wrestling sturbridge Wrestling sturbridge

Rich Wallace

4 stars.

Describe the book: This book is about a kid named Ben who is the second best 135-pound wrestler in his school and the first best 135-pound wrestler is named AL's , that's when Ben wanted to take things serious because he wanted to be state champion as badly as AL's maybe a lot more. I wonder will Ben be a state champion and how will he do it.

What did you think: I feel a little excited because Ben and his team are going up against so pretty tough teams from all over the country with students who are really strong , big , and tough , those students can really put up a good match for Ben , AL's and his team but that's why they practiced so hard.

Who would you recommend it to: This reminds me about the wresting team at totem

- t.d. (Grade 10) from Lynnwood Library

Freewill Teen Book Freewill

Chris Lynch

2 stars.

Describe the book: Will, a kid supposedly predetermined to become a pilot, is stuck in a wood shop class creating strange carvings and garden gnomes. This isn't his ideal location to be at, especially since he doesn't even like the class. Once mysterious suicides start occurring in the area, Will is dragged into a conflict that pushes his boundaries in life.

What did you think: The book effectively leaves you in wonderment throughout most of the plot, but unfortunately takes away from the "logical" conclusions provided by the characters and conflicts. It's very interesting to be inside of Will's head as he questions every situation, conflict, and predicament that he finds himself in.

Who would you recommend it to: Anyone who enjoys a somewhat suspenseful novel.

- C.W. (Grade 10) from Marysville Library

Silence Silence

Natasha Preston

3 stars.

Describe the book: Oakley Farrell who, since the age of five, has been silent. Nobody knows why, and Oakley won't tell. At school, she is seen as a freak and is constantly bullied. She only has one friend, Cole Benson, who excepts her for who she is, and knows her better than anybody. But when she faces someone from her past, will she talk to save her life?

What did you think: My favorite part was when Cole and Oakley are at the hotel, and Oakley wants to get a massage with Cole, but Cole doesn't want to.

Who would you recommend it to: People who like young adult books

- V.W. (Grade 10) from Marysville Library

Thinner book Thinner

Stephen king

4 stars.

Describe the book: An man accidently commits vehicular manslaughter. Later he finds out the woman he killed was a traveling gypsy. She curses him to only grow thinner until he dies from anorexia. He continually loses weight and has to try to figure out how to get rid of the curse and avoid death.

What did you think: I thought this book was exciting. It always had me reading more to find out what was happening next. My favorite part is how the cop is cursed with hellacious acne and it leads to him committing suicide. I would never commit suicide because I had a lot of pimples.

Who would you recommend it to: Fiction, young adults, people that like action.

- C.S. (Grade 10) from Marysville Library

The Maze Runner Teen Book The Maze Runner

James Dashner

3 stars.

Describe the book: Its about teen who are sent to a testing facility but lose all of there memories and must find a way out. and to people find there self in the maze but are the ones to lead everyone out.

What did you think: its a great read very suspenseful and action pact. hard to stop reading when you start.

Who would you recommend it to: teens

- d.m. (Grade 9) from Arlington Library

Jinx Teen Book Jinx

Meg cabot

3 stars.

Describe the book: Jean honeychurch has been cursed with both terrible luck and a horrid nickname 'jinx'. She left her home in Iowa to go to New york and stay with her Aunt's family. Little did she know that her cousin holds a secret, but so did she. Jinx tackles the witchcraft world and gets involved in some black magic. The book also tackles real life and fantasy.

What did you think: I love the princess diaries so i thought i might give this book a try considering they're both from the same author. This book touches the black magic and witchcraft well, the character is ok too. I liked the touch of realism in this book with drug abuse and drinking problems, and that people do change. My favorite parts are Jinx's funny monologues

Who would you recommend it to: Teen romance lovers; fantasy; princess diaries fan

- B.S. (Grade 6) from Marysville Library

I Remember You Teen Book I Remember You

Cathleen Davitt Bell

2 stars.

Describe the book: Super student Juliet gets wrapped up in a relationship with Lucas Dunready when he befriends her and claims to have memories of them together on the roof of the school. Lucas gets bad headaches, and in dreams he sees memories of the future, such as his own as a marine in the Iraq war, and the future lives of Juliet and fellow students.

What did you think: (Thank you Snoisleteens!) While the idea was interesting, it kind of seemed like a bad Lifetime movie. Juliet and Lucas literally have nothing to share. Juliet is partially afraid of him the entire time. She doesn't want him to be a marine yet she's known from the start that those are his plans. I didn't really like any of the characters, so bland.

Who would you recommend it to: gr7+, relationships, war, memories, 90s setting

- A.K. (Grade 12) from Mill Creek Library

Taking Sides Juvenile Book Taking Sides

Gary Soto

3 stars.

Describe the book: Lincoln is in a jam when his basketball team at his new school--where the students are rich and mostly white--faces his old team from the barrio on the boards. How can he play his best against his friends? No matter who wins, it looks like it will be lose-lose for Lincoln.

What did you think: when Lincoln and Monica play basketball in the rain.

Who would you recommend it to: people who love to read sports books.

- S.A. (Grade 8) from Edmonds Library

The End Games Teen Book The End Games

T. Michael Martin

4 stars.

Describe the book: The Game begins when 17-year-old Michael and his kid brother Patrick sneak out on the night a deadly virus just so happens to be spreading around the globe. In order to win, Michael and Patrick must take instruction from the mysterious Game Master and find their way through zombies and insane religious zombie worshipers to make their way to The End

What did you think: This is not a relaxing read. This is a book where when everything has gone wrong, it can only get worse and yet you still cling to the hope that somehow, some sort of happy ending might still exist. The characters are wondrously fleshed with terrifying villains and action scenes, the book is full of plot twists and surprises. You'll never be bored.

Who would you recommend it to: zombies/horror/diverse characters/action/family

- N.R. (Grade 11) from Brier Library

Misery book Misery

Stephen King

3 stars.

Describe the book: Author Paul Sheldon skids and crashes on a snowy, deserted road in Boulder, Colorado. Luckily for him, shut-in Annie, who is obsessed with Paul's series entitled 'Misery', comes to the rescue. But Paul soon realizes that Annie is not the savior he had hoped for.

What did you think: This book is incredible. King's use of metaphors to describe Paul Sheldon's pain really brings the book to a new intellectual level. Although there are few characters and few locations, the book is filled with action. There isn't a boring page of Misery.

Who would you recommend it to: Lovers of suspense and thrillers.

- A.K. (Grade 10) from Marysville Library

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