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FEATURED LISTS: Book Reviews By Local Teens

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To Kill a Mockingbird

Harper Lee


4 stars.

Describe the book: In the sleepy town of Maycomb, Jem and Scout Finch have no trouble finding new adventures each year. Although they do get in a mess at times, the siblings turn to their loving father Atticus for help. But when a racial issue appears, Atticus may be the only one to make a change. Will he ever find peace for the African-Americans and for himself?

What did you think: This book made me change my ideas about the 1930's, proving to me that some people still showed love toward African-Americans, even if everyone else wasn't. Its story of friendship and family made me feel glad for the right decisions the community made, frustrated at the problems they faced, and touched by the loyalty toward one another.

Who would you recommend it to: Children and adults who enjoy classics.

- S.C. (Grade 7) from Lynnwood Library

Shadow and Bone

Leigh Bardugo


4 stars.

Describe the book: In a world of magic and mystery, things are just the way they've always been for Alina Starkov. She's a member of the first army, a mapmaker, and hopelessly in love with her best friend. She's perfectly ordinary. She doesn't have a destiny. Then, her world changes. Though she born worthless, the fate of the world is suddenly on her shoulders.

What did you think: I loved this book. Think fantasy, but with a refreshing Russian feel to it. Leigh's writing is brilliant, introducing unique characters at every turn. The plot twists are absolutely masterful. Unlike a lot of teen fiction nowadays, I found myself actually relating to the main character. Definitely not your usual fantasy. A work of art. 

Who would you recommend it to: People who enjoy fantasy and mainstream fiction.

- E.C. (Grade 10) from Sultan Library

The Unlikely Hero Of Room 13B

Teresa Toten


3 stars.

Describe the book: Adam Spencer Ross suffers from Obsessive compulsive disorder. But when he meets Robyn Plummer, a girl who attends his OCD Group, he decides that he has to get better. He has to get better for her.

What did you think: It is a story full of heartbreak, happiness, insanity, and wild discoveries.

Who would you recommend it to: People who want to learn more about OCD.

- A.M. (Grade 7) from Edmonds Library

If I Stay

Gayle Foreman


3 stars.

Describe the book: Mia's life in Oregon is turned upside down when she falls into a coma after a car crash that leaves her orphaned. In the coma, her consciousness falls into a dreamlike state between life and death that allows her to explore the hospital outside of her body. Filled with heart wrenching flashbacks and profound thoughts, you will not be the same.

What did you think: I love how this book was written. I was not prepared to feel this much all at one time. It not only focuses on the importance of romantic love, but on family and friendship love, the beauty that is human connection. There is so much truth in this book.

Who would you recommend it to: Fans of mainstream fiction and music.

- E.C. (Grade 10) from Sultan Library

Return To Harmony

Janette Oke and T. Davis Bunn


3 stars.

Describe the book: Bethan and Jodie are as different as night and day, but they are best friends. As tragedy strikes for Jodie, turning her away from God, will Bethan be able to draw her back to Christ? Then Bethan must make a choice between doing what's right or what will keep Jodie as her friend. When she makes her choice will there ever be a Return To Harmony?

What did you think: I really enjoyed seeing how, when tragedy arises for Jodie, it turned her away from God, and she wasn't satisfied with her life no matter how hard she tried; whereas with Bethan, when she faced difficult times she drew closer to God, and found joy. We all have a choice to reject God and be unfulfilled, or embrace His will and have complete joy.

Who would you recommend it to: fans of Janette Oke books

- E.E. (Grade 10) from Mill Creek Library


Marie Lu


4 stars.

Describe the book: June is the republic's most prized prodigy, who would do anything for her war stricken country. Day is the republic's most wanted criminal, who would do anything to protect his plagued family. When June's brother is murdered Day is the prime suspect, and June is sent to find him. Though, when a lost secret is revealed the two become uncanny allies.

What did you think: Legend is one of my favorite books, I constantly leaving you to crave more. Almost impossible to put down. I love the fact that it has two views one from June's side and the other from Day's. I love multiple narrative books. Legend creates a great surround where you feel as if you were really there.

Who would you recommend it to: Sci-fi lovers, action readers, divergent readers

- B.H. (Grade 8) from Marysville Library


Marissa Meyer


4 stars.

Describe the book: Cinder is a cyborg mechanic who lives in Beijing. A plague rages throughout the city while the cruel Lunar people watch from the moon. One day, Prince Kai asks Cinder to fix his royal android. Later, Cinder's sister Peony gets the plague. As a result, Cinder's stepmother furiously sends her to the cyborg draft program for plague research.

What did you think: I thought this book was an amazing adaption of Cinderella. I loved how this book was filled with action and adventure as well as romance. My favorite part was when Prince Kai would repeatedly ask Cinder to the dance but Cinder would always say no. I thought this was a nice change from the usual fairy tale format.

Who would you recommend it to: middle school kids

- D.C. (Grade 8) from Mill Creek Library

Gangsters At The Grand Atlantic

Sarah Masters Buckey


3 stars.

Describe the book: Emily Scott and her sister Dorothy are invited to spend a week at the Grand Atlantic Hotel at the beach. Soon after they arrive Emily recognizes a bad gangster from the city. While Dorothy and her friends are busy Emily along with her new friend Gwen spy on the gangster and find out dangerous things. They then make a plan to capture the gangsters.

What did you think: My favorite part was when Emily and Dorothy became friends again and they had a good summer at the shore.

Who would you recommend it to: History mystery lovers!

- T.E. (Grade 9) from Mill Creek Library

I Am the Messenger

Marcus Zusak


4 stars.

Describe the book: I Am the Messenger is the story of Ed Kennedy, who is the epitome of ordinariness. He's nineteen years old, drives a cab, is hopelessly in love with his best friend, and has come to the conclusion that he's never going to accomplish something that will be remembered. Until the bank robbery happens, and the first card arrives.

What did you think: I loved this book more than I can describe. I relate to Ed in more ways than one, and the ending was so satisfying. There are so many deeply profound truths about ordinariness, humanity, and life itself. A must-read for absolutely anyone who wonders about their future.

Who would you recommend it to: Everyone. Everyone needs to read this book.

- E.C. (Grade 10) from Sultan Library

And Then There Were None

Agatha Christie


4 stars.

Describe the book: Ten people are invited to a desert island by a host who never arrives. Gathered together, they hear a voice condemning each one of them for a crime committed long ago. When they begin dying in strange ways, one by one, they realize that the killer must be hidden among them. Will they find the murderer...and will anyone survive?

What did you think: This book was both baffling and fascinating. Right up until the last page, the solution to this mystery seems impossible, and yet the payoff, written in the epilogue, is completely satisfying. Complex and intricate, the plot of this book is enough to confound the most experienced reader of mysteries. This is the best Agatha Christie I have read.

Who would you recommend it to: Anyone who loves a good mystery.

- S.K. (Grade 11) from Arlington Library

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

Mark Haddon


3 stars.

Describe the book: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time tells the story of Christopher. It is definitely not your usual story. When Christopher finds out that his neighbor's dog is dead, he takes it upon himself to find out who did it. Through a turn of events, he finds himself in London, where he discovers that there is more to him than meets the eye.

What did you think: This book is absolutely brilliant. It is told from the first person perspective of a person with autism, yet the author himself does not have autism. The representation is close to accurate, because the writer has so much experience in working with people who have autism. I was doing research on the topic and found this book, which is beautiful.

Who would you recommend it to: Mystery lovers and curious minds.

- E.C. (Grade 10) from Sultan Library

A Court of Thorns and Roses

Sarah J. Maas


4 stars.

Describe the book: Living in a world where faeries are both real and dangerous, Feyre knows to stay on the human side of the boundary that separates the races. But when Feyre kills a wolf, she's abducted by one of the faeries she's been taught to avoid her whole life. Soon, Feyre finds herself living in a castle in the faerie realm, where nothing is as it seems.

What did you think: This book was absolutely fabulous. I'm a huge fan of Maas's THRONE OF GLASS series, and was thrilled to hear that she was writing a new series. The writing is vivid and imaginative, and the characters are unforgettable. My favorite part was at the end, when Feyre had to complete three challenges to lift a curse that had been placed on the faeries.

Who would you recommend it to: People who enjoy high fantasy and romance.

- H.M. (Grade 12) from Arlington Library

Where Trust Lies

Janette Oke and Laurel Oke Logan


4 stars.

Describe the book: After teaching in the West for a year, Beth is eager to relax with her family. Agreeing to accompany her mother and sisters on a cruise, Beth struggles to reconnect with her family and discover her life's future. Does it include Jarrick, the Mountie who has stolen her heart? When the unexpected happens will she find peace even where truth lies?

What did you think: I loved reading how Beth brought her struggles to God, and how she and Jarrick openly did this in their relationship. I admire how they wanted God's will done in their life and not what their own feelings wanted. Though fiction, this book is a great example of how we can bring even our smallest (and our biggest) problems to God--AND BE HEARD!

Who would you recommend it to: fans of Janette Oke's "When Calls The Heart" books

- E.E. (Grade 10) from Mill Creek Library

Secrets on 26th Street

Elizabeth McDavid Jones


3 stars.

Describe the book: Susan's father has recently died and her family is struggling to pay the rent. So her mother decides to take on a boarder to get by. Mysterious things start to happen but their boarder seems so friendly. A suffrage movement is going on and when her mother disappears, Susan is nearly frantic. Little does Susan know what secrets are about to unfold.

What did you think: My favorite part was probably when Susan finds her mother and reunites her friendship with Bea, their boarder.

Who would you recommend it to: History Mystery lovers!

- T.E. (Grade 9) from Snohomish Library

Basketball (or something like it)

Nora Raleigh Baskin


3 stars.

Describe the book: this story is about Jeremy which moves from the city to the suburbs to live with his grandma. He does not really feel welcome unless he is o the basketball court. Through out the season he makes lots of good friend and help the to gain knowledge about the game.

What did you think: It was a very great book I liked the book overall I didn't really have a favorite part. I am big into basketball so it was easy for me to understand but for those who do not know a lot about basketball I think it would be hard for them to understand.

Who would you recommend it to: People who enjoy basketball

- S.S. (Grade 7) from Lynnwood Library

Off the Page

Jodi Picoult and Samantha Van Leer


4 stars.

Describe the book: A few months ago, Delilah managed to get a prince named Oliver, who she had fallen in love with, out of the fairytale book he was stuck in. Now, things get more complicated as school starts and the boy Oliver switched places with is having second thoughts about leaving his mother to take Oliver's place in the story.

What did you think: I liked how this book gave more closure as to what happened after Oliver got out of the book and how they tackled the inevitable problems of a fairytale prince in the modern world. I also enjoyed the little sections of the letter that were scattered throughout the novel because of how they enhanced the story with their thought provoking nature.

Who would you recommend it to: Anyone who has every loved a book

- A.G. (Grade 11) from Marysville Library

The Truth About Twinkie Pie

Kat Yeh


4 stars.

Describe the book: The Truth About Twinkie Pie is about a girl named Galileo(GiGi),GiGi lives with her sister in a one room apartment without her mother and father because they died in a fire. Near the end GiGi finds out that her sister is actually her mother,and the reason her mom ran away from her grandma was because she was hurting GiGi.

What did you think: I feel that this book was a great book because I was always engaged and never wanted to stop reading (I don't usually like books very much and this book I loved, which surprised me. My favorite part was when GiGi found her mother and found out she was actually Delta Dawn 111 (after her mom and grandma). Altogether I loved the book.

Who would you recommend it to: People who like to cook because there are recipes.

- M.A. (Grade 6) from Snohomish Library

Self Raised

E.D.E.N. Southworth

4 stars.

Describe the book: "Self Raised" is the exciting, adventurous sequel to "Ishamel". I recommend you to read this heart-thrilling, and sometimes breath-taking tale, as Ishmael sails across the ocean to help rescue the lady he once loved, but rejected him for a rich lord! You will be exhorted as you see anew the honesty and zest for which this young man serves Christ!

What did you think: This book is exciting! In fact, I had to stop at a couple parts and calm myself down before I continued reading! I have been inspired and encouraged by reading of Ishmael's honesty and especially how he stuck to doing with what was right! My favorite part is when Ishmael realizes who is his real life partner; it also has a great ending!!

Who would you recommend it to: readers ages 15+ who love exciting stories

- E.E. (Grade 10) from Mill Creek Library



Stephanie Kuehn


4 stars.

Describe the book: When older sister Cate is released from jail, weird things start happening to Jamie. Besides the fact that he can't remember his mother being shot right in front of him, Jamie starts blacking out & his hands go numb. He is convinced that his psychotic sister is after him, but in a way he wants her too... because she alone remember their mother.

What did you think: This book was exciting and thrilling from the start and it only got better. Complicit explores the mind of the deranged and keeps who guessing who the bad guy really is. In the spirit of not spoiling the book my favorite part will remain a mystery, but I will say the ending is shocking.

Who would you recommend it to: This book is perfect for those who love mind games

- B.D. (Grade 11) from Coupeville Library

Still Waters

Ash Parsons


4 stars.

Describe the book: Tough guy Jason is hired for an inside job by an all too rich kid: Michael. $50 a day & all he has to do is hang around him, an easy job at first quickly gets complicated. Needing the money to escape an abusive father Jason sticks with the threatening job, until Michael gets carried away. When Jason tries to draw the line things go out with a BANG.

What did you think: Almost all the characters are shady and questionable, which makes the book a total page turner. You can see Jason getting deeper into Michael's evil plan and even his wits can't see what Michael has up his sleeve. I love when it all comes together and you can see what Michael's true intentions are. This book has no fairly tale ending, it is real.

Who would you recommend it to: Readers who like to figure out the ending first

- B.D. (Grade 10) from Coupeville Library

Where She Went

Gayle Forman


4 stars.

Describe the book: It's be three years since Mia left Adam for Julliard and ultimately a successful career. They meet unexpectedly in New York. Even though it was quite awkward to talk again, they quickly reconnected. Despite both of the celebrities going to different places around the world, along with the fame, they try their best to make time for each other.

What did you think: I was mesmerized by this book once I got deeper into it. It's like getting to know someone new. What I found incredibly unique about the book was that it was about collage-aged kids & being in the world of fame. My favorite parts were when Mia had to tell Adam the truth & when Mia gave him back his old electric guitar, which surprised Adam.

Who would you recommend it to: Fame-captivated people and chick-flick lovers.

- M.L. (Grade 9) from Arlington Library

The Nightmare Garden

Caitlin Kittredge


4 stars.

Describe the book: After Aoife Grayson destroyed the engine and the gates between the iron and thorn land, she is now being tracked down by the Fae, brotherhood of Iron and Draven. Soon she starts to have dreams of a mysterious figure who is telling her to go north in search of the nightmare clock that can help her reverse time, and find her mother.

What did you think: Not my favorite part, but a part that got me very emotional, was when Crosley took a gun from the proctors, and tried to shoot Aoife for betraying him. Suprise, Dean fell, a huge wound that could probably never heal. Aoife, devestated, weeped, a dead boy, and a frozen girl, sitting in the frozen snow and ice. I even started crying myself.

Who would you recommend it to: I would recommend this book to middle school kids.

- M.D. (Grade 8) from Mukilteo Library

The Spectacular Now

Tim Tharp


3 stars.

Describe the book: The book, "The Spectacular Now" is a modern-day novel about wild party-animal Sutter. In the story, Sutter goes out of his way to to give shy discouraged Aimee the confidence to follow her dreams and stick up for herself. The overall idea of this book are the life-changing choices Sutter must make to protect the the important people in his life.

What did you think: I felt as though this was an empowering novel about learning to "embrace the weird" and how not to judge one too quickly. One of my favorite parts was when realization of future choices struck Sutter harder than expected as he began to think of the consequences of his decisions.

Who would you recommend it to: a mature audience, lovers of realistic-fiction

- A.N. (Grade 7) from Mill Creek Library

The Land Of Stories: The Wishing Spell

Chris Colfer


4 stars.

Describe the book: This book is about two siblings that find themselves stuck in a fairytale land where ALL fairytales become real. While exploring this new society, the siblings decide to use "The Wishing Spell" to get back home. For the Wishing Spell to work, they must find certain things. Unfortunately, the twins aren't the only ones hunting for the queer objects.

What did you think: Chris Colfer combines humor, magic, siblinghood, imagination, and a sprinkle of fright in the first book of The Land Of Stories series. This book keeps you on your toes about the events and brings out the true meaning of fairytales. No matter how old you are, this captivating book will make you young at heart for years to come.

Who would you recommend it to: Glee fans, fairytale lovers, & any bored readers.

- K.D. (Grade 6) from Library on Wheels


Lauren Myracle


3 stars.

Describe the book: This book tells of Winnie's adventures of being an eleven year old. From new friends to new family members, Winnie's year was definitely not normal, especially when Gail moved to town.

What did you think: This book was a cute novel, and I thought it was a good read because I can relate to it. I really liked how the story took an interesting turn in the middle.

Who would you recommend it to: I would recommend it to realistic fiction lovers.

- E.S. (Grade 9) from Edmonds Library

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