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Scavenganza Contest Results

Congratulations to The Flying Chipmunks Who Like Pinecones!

This one was a nail-biter right down to the end. The final two teams were so close…but the Chipmunks took part in every single challenge, and Dragon Army skipped three. So excruciatingly close!

But don’t worry... we have a surprise in mind for the Dragon Army, and prizes for all teams over 500 points.

So lets hear it for the hardest working flying chipmunks you’ve ever seen!

  1. The Flying Chipmunks Who Like Pinecones 1590.28
  2. Dragon Army 1484.62
  3. Turtles are Green Band Geeks are Cool 802.36
  4. The Red Sox-Yankees 512.3
  5. Team of the Phoenix 428.5
  6. Ginny and Hermione in the TARDIS 242
  7. The Boss Brothers 214
  8. The Tomatoes 150.3
  9. The Blue Bloods 65

Possible Points 2022

There was one place where I could find out who I was and what I was going to become.
And that was the public library.
- Jerzy Kosinski