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Scavenganza Challenges

The final list of 2014 challenges:

  1. Post photos of each team member. 1 point for each teammate. This is one of the few required challenges - so we can recognize your team and give you full points throughout the summer.
  2. Make a team flag. 18 points. This is your chance to show your pride in your team and show off any artistic skills they might have. Hang on to your flag, as it might come up in clues later this summer!
  3. Make team costumes. 6 points for each photo of a team member showing off their costume while bouncing on a bed (or couch).
  4. Selfie with a statue. 1 point per statue. Up to 10 points total. Photos must be of completely different statues, not just parts of the same statues.
  5. Make a life(human)-sized game board, and play the game as a team. 45 points for construction and video evidence of game action.
  6. Make an awesome poster advertising your local library. 10 points.
  7. Mail a postcard or letter to your favorite author. 1 point per missive, maximum 30 points for 30 different authors. See for examples (except yours must have a stamp!)
  8. Receive letter or postcard back from author before August 16. 5 points per response. (Up to 150 points possible!) Must be author documented in Challenge 7.
  9. Perform a synchronized swimming routine to music as a team. 30 points. (Can be in water or on land). Video required.
  10. Grow something from a seed. 5 points for each stage of growth: a) Seed; b) sprout; c) full leaves; d) flowering; e) fruit/vegetable. Photos can be posted separately as snoisle14-10a, etc...
  11. Interlibrary Snail Mail. 4-24 points.
  12. Now You're Cooking! 30-35 points.
  13. Street Sign Alphabet. 1-26 points.
  14. Reading Out of the Box: Science Fiction.  3-12 points.
  15. Challenge Ideas from You. 1-10 points. Possible 3 point bonus for each idea used.
  16. Naked Eggs. 15 points. 7 point bonus for extra experiment video from Steve Spangler experiment.
  17. Attend Sno-Isle Library Teen Events. 10-210 points theoretically possible.
  18. Take a Hike. 15 points possible.
  19. Matching Mannequin. 3-8 points.
  20. Nail Art. 8 points.
  21. Reading Out of the Box: Mysteries.  3-12 points.
  22. Group Hug!  2-3 points.
  23. Community Clean-Up.  21 points.
  24. Make Playlist for Your Favorite Book. 4-30 points.
  25. Reading Picnic. 9-16 points.
  26. Bookface Team Portrait. 15 points.
  27. Book Cover in Legos. 27 points.
  28. Reading Outside the Box: Graphic Novels. 3-12 points.
  29. A Ferry Nice Mustache. 12 points.
  30. The Sky is Falling! 7-31 points.
  31. Flash Mob. 20-45 points.
  32. Rube Goldberg Machine. 10-50 points.
  33. When Life Gives You Lemons… 40-50-??? points.
  34. T-Shirt Transformation. 12 points.
  35. Reading Outside the Box - Biographies. 3-12 points.
  36. Become a Book Character.  11-48 points.
  37. Play tourist for a day. 2-130 points.
  38. Alphabet Soup. 10-15 points.
  39. A Story in Haiku. 15 points.
  40. The Book Club Q’s. 1-15 points.
  41. Sand Castle. 7-10 points.
  42. Reading Out of the Box: Award Winners.  3-12 points.
  43. Survey Says… 9-27 points.
  44. Database Infomercial. 60-120 points.
  45. Fan Art. 12 points.
  46. Upcycle It. 30 points.
  47. Treasure Hunt! 25-105 points.
  48. Then and Now. 15 points.
  49. Reading Out of the Box: Poetry.  3-12 points.
  50. Happy Birthday, Harry!  26-28 points.
  51. I Work Out. 35-91 points.
  52. Wonderland Games. 11-33 points.
  53. Sci-Fiber Craftiness. 18 points.
  54. Celebrate Something Strange! 20-25 points.
  55. Float Boat Float! 11 points.
  56. Armchair Travels. 20 points.
  57. Much Ado About Shakespeare. 23 points.
  58. A Fitting Tribute. 30 points.
  59. Origin Story. 50 points.
  60. Supermarket Superhero. 10-30 points.
  61. Phone Booth Fun. 10-20 points.
  62. Shelfie. 7-31 points.
  63. Redesign a Book Cover. 20 points.
  64. High Five!  3 points.
  65. The End. 5-30 points.

Challenges are first being posted throughout the summer on our blog, so follow us on Tumblr for the fastest updates. Or see current entries tagged #Scavenganza here:

It had been startling and disappointing to me to find out that story books had been written by people,
that books were not natural wonders, coming up of themselves like grass.
- Eudora Welty

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