Materials Loan Policy

Adopted by the Board of Trustees April 18, 1983
7th Revision - June 26, 1997
8th Revision - January 2, 1998
9th Revision - January 2, 1999
Addendum Added - June 28, 1999
10th Revision - November 22, 1999
11th Revision - March 27, 2000
12th Revision - October 23, 2000

Materials Loan Policy

It is the policy of Sno-Isle Libraries to assure that its patrons have maximum access throughout the region to the Library's collections. The Regional Library operates on the assumption that materials move freely within the Library System. Patrons are encouraged to request other information or materials when a local collection does not meet a specific need.

The Library will attempt to secure information and/or materials beyond its own resources through cooperation with other information and referral agencies.

The term "district" as used in this policy includes the unincorporated areas and the towns and cities in Snohomish and Island Counties that contract with or are annexed to Sno-Isle Libraries. The incorporated areas in Snohomish and Island counties that are not annexed, do not contract, or have a reciprocal agreement with Sno-Isle are Everett and Woodway. While Everett is not a part of the Library District, it does financially support library service in an amount equitable with the Library District. Woodway is the only incorporated area in Snohomish County that does not financially support library service.

The Board of Trustees establishes the Materials Loan Policy, which is implemented by the Director.

Borrowing Privileges

Free borrowing privileges are extended to:

  1. Residents of the Sno-Isle Inter-county Rural Library District and their dependents.
  2. Residents of jurisdictions within Washington State that provide equitable tax support for public library service.
  3. Non-resident payers of property taxes of the Sno-Isle Libraries District and their dependents.
  4. Non-resident Sno-Isle Regional Library staff members.
  5. Businesses, organizations, institutions, and public agencies that are located in Sno-Isle Libraries District.

Library Patron's Responsibilities

Each eligible library patron shall provide the Library with his/her signature, current address and telephone number, when possible. The signature of a parent or guardian is required if the applicant is under 18 years of age, except for legally emancipated minors. The Library reserves the right to refuse service to those with insufficient identification.

Each patron shall be responsible for all use made of his/her card. If the card is lost or stolen, the patron is responsible for all charges against it until the loss is reported. Each patron is responsible for informing the Library of changes in his/her address.

Library's Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of the Library to protect the privacy of any patron of the Sno-Isle Libraries. The Library shall not inquire into the purpose for which a patron requests information or materials, except to assist him/her in finding what he/she requested. Parents or guardians will, upon request, be told the titles and authors of materials billed for replacement. Library circulation records and other records identifying the names of library patrons with specific library materials or identifying names, addresses and personal information are confidential in nature and such records and files shall not be made available to any individual, organization, entity, or any agency of federal, state or local government except as required by law. Names and addresses from the patron file may be used from time to time by the Library for the purpose of conducting patron surveys or to notify patrons of upcoming events. This section is in accordance with Board policy on Confidentiality of Library Records and Patron Files, dated August 22, 1994.

Loan Practices

All loan periods shall ensure maximum public use and shall be in accordance with standard library practice. The Library shall provide notice of any change in loan periods.

Refer to Circulation Procedures in the CARL User Manual for current loan periods and restrictions on the number of items that may be borrowed.

Some materials are for in-library use only and are not loaned.

The Library subscribes to the Library Bill of Rights and does not restrict access to its patrons on the basis of origin, age, background, or views.

Abuse Of Privileges

The Library may impose such penalties as it deems necessary in order to assure fair use of its services or to ensure return of borrowed materials. Failure to return materials, after written notification that materials are overdue, will result in the loss of borrowing privileges until the materials are returned and may result in a civil penalty (RCW 27.12.340).

When special demands by groups or individuals become excessive, library services may be limited whenever the staff's ability to serve other patrons is thereby jeopardized.

The use of the Library or its services may be denied for due cause. Such causes may be failure to comply with the Library rules, destruction of Library property, disturbance of other patrons, or any disruptive conduct on Library premises.

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