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What is a Podcast?


A podcast is a digital audio file, that is available for download over the Internet. Orginally, podcasts were used on Apple's portable music player, the iPod. By combining iPod and broadcast the term podcast was created. Podcasts are unique in that they aren't a live, streaming technology, such as live radio. Podcasts are typically individual files of pre-recorded audio.

For a more complete explanation and a list of podcatcher software such as, iTunes see the Wikipedia entry on Podcasts.

How To Listen

You can listen to podcasts on a PC or MP3 player. You can use a PC based player, such as Windows Media Player or Apple Quicktime. Simply click on the podcast and your media player should open and begin playing the file. If it doesn't, the file association on your computer for an MP3 file may be incorrectly setup. The easiest way to fix this is to simply download and install the latest version of a media player using one of the links above.

How to save podcasts

The easiest method is to simply right click on the podcast file (open apple click for mac users) use the following option:

  • Safari use "Download Linked File"
  • Firefox use "Save Link As"
  • Netscape use "Save link Target As"
Save the file in a location you'll remember. You can then click this file later to play the podcast.

Please note: the above links to software and websites are provided without warranty. Please fully read installation instructions and terms of use before downloading and installing. We are unable to provide support for 3rd party products and services.

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