Kids quick polls

I'm a hero to Mother Earth! Which activity do you regularly do to protect planet Earth?VOTESee results
Who is the best Mariner to have ever played the game?VOTESee results
Who is your favorite superhero from a kid's book?VOTESee results
Every superhero has a weakness. What's yours?VOTESee results
What is your favorite part of the 4th of July?VOTESee results
If you could have any superpower what would it be?VOTESee results
A superhero's worst enemy is called their...?VOTESee results
If I were a superhero, my identity would be?VOTESee results
Which community hero is your superhero?VOTESee results
What's your favorite part of spring?VOTESee results
Where is your favorite place to go on a field trip?VOTESee results
What kind of camp would you most like to go to?VOTESee results
Which science project would you most like to try?VOTESee results
What is your favorite Mother Goose rhyme?VOTESee results
Who is your favorite poet?VOTESee results
Which of these vehicles would you rather ride in?VOTESee results
What is your favorite hobby?VOTESee results
How do you get to school?VOTESee results
Your school principal wants to make a new school holiday. What should that new holiday be?VOTESee results
What is your favorite kind of story?VOTESee results

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