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Books, DVDs, CDs etc. (Physical Materials) You may return Sno-Isle Library physical materials (books, DVDs, CDs etc.) to any of Sno-Isle's 21 Community Libraries or bookmobile.
Overdrive Electronic Media You do not need to return a borrowed item. Once the lending period has elapsed, the title is automatically checked back in. Although the file will remain on your machine, it will no longer be accessible and you can delete it at any time. Some titles can be returned before they expire.

You can find out more by visiting the OverDrive help page and looking at the section titled "Library Lending Policies".
3M Electronic Media You can return items from your Library Account.
  • Log into your account
  • Look at your Items Out list and find your 3M electronic items
  • click on the Check In button to return.
Freegal Electronic Media Whatever you have downloaded from Freegal is yours to keep and does not need to be returned.
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