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Why has this page changed?

In the last year we have made many changes to the way we process materials. While it has hugely decreased the time that we can get new materials out to customers, it also means that we can no longer clearly distinguish the differences between 'just ordered' and 'in process'. A list of 'Just Ordered' titles can no longer be accurately compiled due to the way our vendors process materials. An item might show a status of in process when it fact it is still on order. Rather than present only a partial list of what was just ordered since many titles are still processed the old way, grouping all 'new' items together ensures that titles won't be missed.

The previous module was created almost 6 years ago when our processing was done very differently. Most of the current changes to this page were made based on feedback from customers such as placing requests quickly and adding the search function. Knowing that our just ordered list was becoming increasingly inaccurate led us to evaluate the entire page.

Titles on all of these lists are added in real time and you can see by date all the new materials that are available for you to request.

Full Catalog Search

If you'd like to do a more in-depth search or view all items in our catalog, please perform a full catalog search.

Placing holds in the "New Items to Sno-Isle Libraries" section

To place holds on items:
  1. Click on "Place Request" button
  2. Log in if you haven't done so yet
  3. Select a pickup location
  4. Received confirmation and click 'X' in upper right corner.
  5. Repeat as desired.
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