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Notification Methods

Email, Phone or Text Message
Receive a courtesy email, phone call or TXT message when your items are almost overdue. Messaging occurs:

  • 3 days before overdue
  • 4 days after due date for 1st notice overdue
  • 10 days after the due date for 2nd notice
Email for holds occurs the following day an item is placed on the hold shelf. Phone calls for holds occur when an item is placed on the hold shelf during the day and into the early evening.

You can choose for your library notifications to come to you by email, phone or text. Here is how you set it up:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Click on 'Contact Information and Preferences'.

  3. Verify your contact information fields.
  4. Enter or update your email address or phone number if space is blank or incorrect.

Set your preferred method of contact:

  1. Under the 'Preferences' heading, choose 'Email Address' or 'Telephone 1, 2, or 3' or 'TXT Messaging' to indicate your preferred method for receiving library notices.
  2. If phone is chosen, indicate which phone number you want to use.
  3. Select your carrier.
  4. Indicate how you want to receive E-receipts.
  5. Indicate if you want to maintain a reading list. For more information see the Reading History page.
  6. Click on the 'Submit Change Request' button to save your changes or choose 'No Changes Required'.

Note: You may notice in your email inbox that email communications we send to you for different services such as Newsletters, Holds/Overdue Notifications and Emailed Express Check Receipts, appear to come from different email addresses. If you use a Spam Blocker, you must enter each of these addresses into your allowed address list. Since these products are all separate products, they are sent out from separate servers and each server has a separate address. Please note that these addresses cannot be replied to or used for contacting the library.

E-Receipts: If you would like an e-receipt when you check out this will be checked. Customer service staff must select this for you. If you decide that you do not want E-receipts you may uncheck this box.

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