Strategic Focus 2014-2016


Our values are:

  • Free and equal access to the library
  • Freedom to seek, receive, and share information
  • Power of community and culture
  • Literacy and learning
  • Stewardship of public resources
  • Respect for individuals


Our purpose is to create an informed citizenry by:

  • Ensuring free and equal access to information and ideas
  • Championing early literacy
  • Supporting lifelong learning
  • Providing space to think, meet, work, and create
  • Convening people for public discourse

Core Services

In keeping with our values and purpose, we will:

  • Lend library materials at no direct cost to customers
  • Offer expert information and research assistance
  • Provide access to information and communication technologies
  • Provide resources of value to our customers
  • Present early literacy storytimes
  • Maintain safe, welcoming public spaces
  • Coordinate programs addressing community needs and interests
  • Deliver library services where they are needed

Strategic Focus

We will build:

  • Literate Communities
  • Early literacy
  • Information and communication technologies literacy
  • Economically Sound Communities
  • Entrepreneur/small business support
  • Workforce readiness
  • Connected Communities
  • Resident/Library interaction
  • Civic engagement
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