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The easiest way to search for Children's materials in our catalog is to start out your search as you would for any other search. Enter your search terms in the search box. See detailed instructions for general searching.

When you see your results list, look on the right side of the screen for the Narrow your search box. Choose Target Audience. Depending on the age of the materials you are seeking, make your age group choice.

The numbers in parentheses indicate the number of materials available for that age group.

Here are definitions of the age group terms you may see:

  • Preschool = Intended for children, approximate ages 0–5 years
  • Primary = Intended for children, approximate ages 6–8 years
  • Pre-adolescent = Intended for young people, approximate ages 9–13 years
  • Adolescent = Intended for young people, approximate ages 14–17 years
  • Juvenile = A broader definition intended for children and young people, approximate ages 0–15 years

If you narrow your search by the Target Audience, you can always back out of the choice you have made by unchecking the box.

Visit our Resources for Parents and Educators page to see tips on how to Find books by reading level.

Visit Sno-Isle for Kids for lots of great booklists and reading suggestions.

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