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Finding all of the DVDs, Books on CD or Music Cds in the collection.
  1. From the Keyword search screen choose DVD, Books on CD, or Music CDs from the Limit By: drop down menu.
  2. Notice this will put a asterisk (*) in the keyword search box. Leave this there.
  3. Click on the "Go!" button.
  4. This search will bring up a list of all of those types of items that are in the catalog.

Note: You can alter or narrow this search a number of different ways.

  • Choose "Publication date" from the Sort By: drop down box to have them listed newest to oldest.
  • Remove the asterisk (*) and add a term like "comedy", "western" or "documentary" to search for different kinds of DVDs.
  • Remove the asterisk (*) and type in an actor's name to retrieve all the DVDs with a particular actor.
  • Remove the asterisk (*) and type in an author's name to retrieve all the Books on CD by that particular author.
  • Remove the asterisk (*) and type in an artist or band's name to retrieve all the Music CDs by that artist.
  • Use the "Narrow your search" options on the right hand side of the screen to create a more specific list of items.

Finding Closed-Captioned DVDs.
  • Use Keyword search and type in the words 'Hearing Impaired'.
  • On the right side of screen, Narrow Your Search to Type of Material = DVD.
  • Up at the top of the screen, sort your results list by Most Popular.
  • Alternatively, you could do a subject keyword search on 'video recordings for the hearing impaired' and you will get the entire list in our catalog.

Searching by Call Numbers.

You can browse by call number but at this time you can't do a specific call number search. Here are a couple of ways to view our collections by browsing by call numbers.

First, you must choose a library in the upper right corner where it says "Switch to another library". Then when you click on the 'Browse' tab, you will see a 'Search for': drop down box. Choose 'Call number'. Then put in the start of the call number you want to browse. For instance, if you want to look at Fiction, type in FIC and click on 'Go!'

Your results reflect what is assigned to the branch that you have chosen. At this time there is not a way to browse by the entire Sno-Isle Libraries collection by call number in our catalog. Tip: You might try choosing our Lynnwood or Marysville branches as they have our largest collections.

Another way you can browse call numbers is at the keyword search screen, choose a format such as book. You will notice an asterisk appeared in the 'Keyword search for:' box. Click on 'Go!' You now have a large set of results. Use the 'Sort' drop down box and choose 'Call Number'. This will place your results in call number order. You can expand your display to 100 items per page so you can browse the call numbers more quickly.
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