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You know where to find me Teen Book You know where to find me

Cohn, Rachel.

In the wake of her cousin's suicide, overweight and introverted seventeen-year-old Miles experiences significant changes in her relationships with her mother and father, her best friend Jamal and his family, and her cousin's father, while gaining insights about herself, both positive and negative.

Crackback Teen Book Crackback

Coy, John, 1958-

Miles barely recalls when football was fun after being sidelined by a new coach, constantly criticized by his father, and pressured by his best friend to take performance-enhancing drugs.

Gym candy Teen Book Gym candy

Deuker, Carl.

Football is the only thing that has ever really mattered to Mick, who works hard for a spot on the varsity team, then tries to hold onto his edge by using steroids, despite the consequences to his health and social life.

True confessions of a Hollywood starlet :   a novel Teen Book True confessions of a Hollywood starlet : a novel

Douglas, Lola.

Teen movie star Morgan Carter retreats to a small midwestern town to recuperate anonymously after an overdose and rehabilitation, recording her thoughts in a diary.

The after life :   a novel Teen Book The after life : a novel

Ehrenhaft, Daniel.

When Will Shephard's estranged millionaire father dies, a bizarre clause in the will sends him on a drug- and alcohol-fueled road trip from Miami to New York with his twin half-siblings.

Rules of attraction Teen Book Rules of attraction

Elkeles, Simone.

Carlos, who lives with his older brother Alex, a college student and ex-gang member, is not ready to give up his wild ways until he meets a shy classmate named Kiara and becomes unwillingly involved in a drug ring.

Nothing Teen Book Nothing

Friedman, Robin, 1968-

Despite his outward image of popular, attractive high-achiever bound for the Ivy League college of his father's dreams, high school senior Parker sees himself as a fat, unattractive failure and finds relief for his overwhelming anxieties in ever-increasing bouts of binging and purging.

Lush Teen Book Lush

Friend, Natasha, 1972-

Samantha is forced to face the harsh reality of alcoholism within her own family as she tries to cope with her father’s addiction and its devastating effects on those she loves the most.

Inconvenient Teen Book Inconvenient

Gelbwasser, Margie.

Alyssa Bondar, living in a New Jersey suburb with her Russian parents, wants to concentrate on a new boyfriend and her friends, but when Alyssa's mother's drinking problem gets out of control she feels it is up to her to hold her family together.

Fat kid rules the world Teen Book Fat kid rules the world

Going, K. L. (Kelly L.)

Seventeen-year-old Troy, depressed, suicidal, and weighing nearly 300 pounds, gets a new perspective on life when a drug addicted homeless teenager who is a genius on guitar wants Troy to be the drummer in his rock band.

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