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FICTION: Rainbow Reads: For and About GLBTQ teens

Many titles recommended by the ALA Rainbow Project

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The letter Q : queer writers' notes to their younger selves Teen Book The letter Q : queer writers' notes to their younger selves


Looking back on what they wished they knew when they were younger, 64 of today’s award winning GLBTQ authors write and illustrate letters to their former selves in a way to reach out to those who are in the shoes they once filled.

Rainbow List 2013 Top Ten

The song of Achilles book The song of Achilles

Miller, Madeline.

Stirring and memorable, this novel is a reimagined retelling of the Homeric story of the love between Achilles and Patrocles.

Rainbow List 2013 Top Ten

Adaptation Teen Book Adaptation

Lo, Malinda.

Something strange has been going on with Reese Holloway since her car accident and her top secret medical treatment- but will she be allowed to figure it out, or will others take her apart to figure it out first?

Rainbow List 2013 Top Ten

Personal effects Teen Book Personal effects

Kokie, E. M.

After his beloved older brother T.J. is killed in action in Iraq, seventeen-year-old Matt begins to read a series of his brother’s letters and discovers his brother’s secret- and must come to terms with his brother’s secret life and what it means.

It's our prom (so deal with it) : a novel Teen Book It's our prom (so deal with it) : a novel

Peters, Julie Anne.

Azure has gone public with her objections to her school’s senior prom: too expensive, too exclusive, too heterosexual. When the principal challenges Azure and her friends to take charge of the planning committee, they jump into the task—and the accompanying headaches—of planning an inclusive prom.

Tessa Masterson will go to prom Teen Book Tessa Masterson will go to prom

Franklin, Emily.

Lucas and Tessa are friends forever, and now Lucas realizes they are something more – until his prom invitation is Tessa’s cue to come out to him, and put the entire town on notice that she wants a date of her own.

The difference between you and me Teen Book The difference between you and me

George, Madeleine.

Jesse and Emily are as opposite and can be, and are as head-over-heels for each other as you can get. But when they’re on opposite sides during a heated battle, can they keep the discussion separate from their relationship?

Kiss the morning star Teen Book Kiss the morning star

Hoole, Elissa Janine.

Best friends Anna and Kat take off on a cross-country road trip, using Jack Kerouac’s novel, the Dharma Bums for inspiration. Out on the open road they explore the Northwest and encounter church folks, a tattoo artist, hippie jam band groupies, some wild small-town girls, and a spiritual guru.

Tilt Teen Book Tilt

Hopkins, Ellen.

Shane, in love with HIV-positive Alex, is one of three teens sharing their fears and whispered secrets as they navigate life’s toughest decisions.

Avengers. The children's crusade Teen Book Avengers. The children's crusade

Heinberg, Allan.

When Wiccan’s powers grow almost to the point of chaos, the Avengers take action to stop him, but the Young Avengers – including Hulkling, Wiccan’s lover – decide to cooperate with Magneto to find the Scarlet Witch, who may be able to help Wiccan regain control of his power.

Sparks : the epic, completely true blue, (almost) holy quest of Debbie Teen Book Sparks : the epic, completely true blue, (almost) holy quest of Debbie

Adams, S. J., 1980-

“$5 for a holy quest” is a good deal when you’re on a desperate chase to reveal your secret lesbian crush to your best friend before she breaks her abstinence pledge with the most boring guy at school.

The miseducation of Cameron Post Teen Book The miseducation of Cameron Post

Danforth, Emily M.

When Cam’s conservative aunt discovers her niece is a lesbian, she sends Cam to God’s Promise, a church camp that promises to “cure” young people of their homosexuality. Cam’s engaging voice tells her story with wry humor, intelligence, and a strong sense of place in eastern Montana.

Rainbow List 2013 Top Ten

Chulito book Chulito

Rice-Gonza?lez, Charles.

After sharing a secret with his best friend, a Latino teen’s ideas about what it really means to be a man are challenged. Should he play ‘straight’ and keep his standing among his peers in the neighborhood, or come out and be his true self?

Rainbow List 2013 Top Ten

October mourning : a song for Matthew Shepard Teen Book October mourning : a song for Matthew Shepard

Newman, Lesle?a.

The fence, the road, the clothesline, the truck – these are some of the 68 spare, poetic voices joining together to tell the story of what happened to Matthew Shepard that tragic night.

Starting from here Teen Book Starting from here

Bigelow, Lisa Jenn.

Colby can’t seem to get any love. Her mom died a few years ago, her trucker dad is always on the road and her girlfriend just dumped her for a guy. When she rescues a stray dog who has been hit by a car, Colby starts to piece her life together with lots of help from her friends.

Rainbow List 2013 Top Ten

Ask the passengers : a novel Teen Book Ask the passengers : a novel

King, A. S. (Amy Sarig), 1970-

There’s only one thing Astrid Jones can do when a growing attraction to her co-worker Dee becomes too big and too confusing: send her love to airplane passengers flying overhead while she tries to figure out who she is down here on the ground.

Rainbow List 2013 Top Ten

See you at Harry's Teen Book See you at Harry's

Knowles, Johanna, 1970-

Twelve-year old Fern is a quiet, thoughtful child in the middle of a close-knit but dysfunctional busy family. She longs to be brave like her namesake in Charlotte’s Web, but her courage is soon put to the test when tragedy strikes outside the family restaurant and her life is turned upside-down.

Between you & me Teen Book Between you & me

Calin, Marisa.

When Phyre falls head over heels in love with her new drama teacher, will she discover what’s right in front of her nose or let love slip away?

Happy families Teen Book Happy families

Davis, Tanita S.

When twins Ysabel and Justin discover the true reason for their family’s split, they struggle with the secrets their father has been keeping. Can they deal with their dad’s new life and find a way to put their happy family back together?

Being Emily Teen Book Being Emily

Gold, Rachel Benson.

They say that whoever you are it's okay, you were born that way. Those words don't comfort Emily, because she was born Christopher and her insides know that her outsides are all wrong. They say that it gets better, be who are you and it'll be fine. For Emily, telling her parents who she really is means a therapist who insists Christopher is normal and Emily is sick. Telling her girlfriend means lectures about how God doesn't make that kind of mistake. Emily desperately wants high school in her small Minnesota town to get better. She wants to be the woman she knows is inside, but it's not until a substitute therapist and a girl named Natalie come into her life that she believes she has a chance of actually Being Emily. A story for anyone who has ever felt that the inside and outside don't match and no one else will understand...

Will Teen Book Will

Boyd, Maria.

Seventeen-year-old Will's behavior has been getting him in trouble at his all-boys school in Sydney, Australia, but his latest punishment, playing in the band for a musical production, gives him new insights into his fellow students and helps him cope with an incident he has tried to forget.

The girls of No Return Teen Book The girls of No Return

Saldin, Erin.

A troubled sixteen-year-old girl attending a wilderness school in the Idaho mountains must finally face the consequences of her complicated friendships with two of the other girls at the school.

She loves you, she loves you not-- : a novel Teen Book She loves you, she loves you not-- : a novel

Peters, Julie Anne.

When seventeen-year-old Alyssa is disowned by her father for being a lesbian, she's sent off to a small town in Colorado to live with the mother she's never known, where she's forced to come to terms with herself and her family.

Annie on my mind Teen CD Book Annie on my mind

Garden, Nancy.

Liza puts aside her feelings for Annie after the disaster at school, but eventually she allows love to triumph over the ignorance of people.

Love drugged Teen Book Love drugged

Klise, James, 1967-

Fifteen-year-old Jamie is dismayed by his attraction to boys, and when a beautiful girl shows an interest in him, he is all the more intrigued by her father's work developing a drug called Rehomoline.

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