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FICTION: Shakespeare, Revisited

From the June 2009 VOYA article: Shakespeare for Teens.

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Ophelia :   a novel Teen Book Ophelia : a novel

Klein, Lisa M., 1958-

In a story based on Shakespeare's Hamlet, Ophelia tells of her life in the court at Elsinore, her love for Prince Hamlet, and her escape from the violence in Denmark.

Hamlet : a novel Teen Book Hamlet : a novel

Marsden, John, 1950-

Grieving for the recent death of his beloved father and appalled by his mother's quick remarriage to his uncle, Hamlet, heir to the Danish throne, struggles with conflicting emotions, particularly after his father's ghost appeals to him to avenge his death.

Loving Will Shakespeare Teen Book Loving Will Shakespeare

Meyer, Carolyn, 1935-

In Stratford-upon-Avon in the sixteenth century, Anne Hathaway suffers her stepmother's cruelty and yearns for love and escape, finally finding it in the arms of a boy she has grown up with, William Shakespeare.

Undine Teen Book Undine

Russon, Penni.

Sixteen-year-old Undine, hearing her presumably deceased father calling to her and feeling a strange force growing inside her, travels to the sea to discover the depths of her magical powers.

Saving Juliet Teen Book Saving Juliet

Selfors, Suzanne.

Seventeen-year-old Mimi Wallingford's stage fright and fight with her mother on the closing night of Romeo and Juliet are nothing compared to the troubles she faces when she and her leading man are transported to Shakespeare's Verona, where she decides to give the real Juliet a happy ending.

Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet Teen Book Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet

Sexton, Adam.

A new approach to the love story that never grows old! The "star-crossed" lovers have moved readers and movie-goers in a variety of forms through the years. More than 55,000 copies of various print editions of the play are sold annually. The manga version of Romeo and Juliet infuses new energy into the trials and tribulations of history's most passionate and celebrated young lovers.

Shakespeare's Macbeth : the manga edition Teen Book Shakespeare's Macbeth : the manga edition

Sexton, Adam.

Full of murderous action, Macbeth is ideal for manga Witches, ghosts, murders, battles, blood-if ever a Shakespeare play cried out for a manga version, Macbeth is it! The play regularly sells over 25,000 copies a year, and now manga fans can get caught up in the action as the Bard explores the social forces at work when men act against their better nature and the natural order of things.

Shakespeare's Hamlet : the manga edition Teen Book Shakespeare's Hamlet : the manga edition

Sexton, Adam.

Adapted for the cinema many times and performed regularly on stages around the globe, Hamlet is Shakespeare's most enduringly popular play.

Spanking Shakespeare Teen Book Spanking Shakespeare

Wizner, Jake.

Shakespeare Shapiro navigates a senior year fraught with feelings of insecurity while writing the memoir of his embarrassing life, worrying about his younger brother being cooler than he is, and having no prospects of ever getting a girlfriend.

A girl, a ghost, and the Hollywood Hills Teen Book A girl, a ghost, and the Hollywood Hills

Zindel, Lizabeth.

When Holly's mother dies unexpectedly, she thinks things can't get much worse. But then her dad starts dating again. And his new girlfriend is Holly's aunt-her mom's sister! Aunt Claudia is known in Hollywood as the Queen of B Movies. Horror films, zombie flicks, she's made them all. Holly never liked her aunt, but now she positively can't stand her. Especially once the ghost of her mother appears and tells Holly that Claudia was to blame for her death. Inspired by Hamlet , this funny novel about the danger of family secrets is a modern comic take on a classic Shakespearean tragedy.

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