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Troy : a novel Teen Book Troy : a novel

Geras, Adèle.

The last weeks of the Trojan War find the women sick of tending the wounded, men tired of fighting, and bored gods and goddesses trying to find ways to stir things up.

Snakehead Teen Book Snakehead

Halam, Ann.

Compelled by his father Zeus to accept the evil king Polydectes's challenge to bring the head of the monstrous Medusa to the Aegean island of Serifos, Perseus, although questioning the gods' interference in human lives, sets out, accompanied by his beloved Andromeda, a princess with her own harsh destiny to fulfill.

The game Teen Book The game

Jones, Diana Wynne.

Sent to Ireland to live with her aunts, Hayley discovers the children in her extended family play what they call “the game” and visit a place called the mythosphere. When Hayley joins the game, she learns more about her own place in the world than she ever expected.

Lost in the labyrinth :   a novel Teen Book Lost in the labyrinth : a novel

Kindl, Patrice.

Fourteen-year-old Princess Xenodice tries to prevent the death of her half-brother, the Minotaur, at the hands of the Athenian prince, Theseus, who is aided by Icarus, Daedalus, and her sister Ariadne.

Cupid :   a tale of love and desire Teen Book Cupid : a tale of love and desire

Lester, Julius.

Cupid, the spoiled and mischievous god of love, is attracted to and marries the beautiful mortal, Psyche, and both learn many lessons about the nature of love.

Ever Teen Book Ever

Levine, Gail Carson.

Fourteen-year-old Kezi and Olus, Akkan god of the winds, fall in love and together try to change her fate--to be sacrificed to a Hyte god because of a rash promise her father made--through a series of quests that might make her immortal.

Inside the walls of Troy :   a novel of the women who lived the Trojan War Teen Book Inside the walls of Troy : a novel of the women who lived the Trojan War

McLaren, Clemence.

The events surrounding the famous battle between the Greeks and the Trojans are told from the points of view of two women, the beautiful Helen and the prophetic Cassandra.

Haunted waters Teen Book Haunted waters

Osborne, Mary Pope.

After meeting the mysterious sea maid Undine on a bleak promontory and making her his wife, Lord Huldbrand tries to defend her from the faceless demon that haunts her, while he probes her strange ties to the aquatic world.

Gods behaving badly :   a novel book Gods behaving badly : a novel

Phillips, Marie, 1976-

The 12 Greek gods of Olympus are alive and well in the 21st century, but they are crammed together in a London townhouse--and none too happy. Two perplexed humans are caught in the crossfire and nothing less than a true act of heroism is needed from these ordinary people to save the world.

Undine Teen Book Undine

Russon, Penni.

Sixteen-year-old Undine, hearing her presumably deceased father calling to her and feeling a strange force growing inside her, travels to the sea to discover the depths of her magical powers.

Age of bronze.   Volume 1,   A thousand ships book Age of bronze. Volume 1, A thousand ships

Shanower, Eric.

Draws on ancient myths, medieval romances, and modern scholarship to offer a graphic novel portraying the Trojan war, from the kidnapping of Queen Helen by Paris to the gathering of the ancient kings of Greece to retrieve her. First in a series.

The Pig Scrolls Teen Book The Pig Scrolls

Shipton, Paul, 1963-

A translation of an ancient Greek manuscript written by Gryllus, a talking pig who was once a man, which describes the many adventures that he and his companions--a junior prophetess named Sybil and a bumbling goatherd--experience while traveling to Delphi to try to prevent the universe from coming to an end.

Dread locks Teen Book Dread locks

Shusterman, Neal.

Accustomed to a carefree existence, fourteen-year-old Parker Baer meets the girl next door and finds his life taking a menacing turn as he begins to absorb some of her terrible powers.

Quicksilver Teen Book Quicksilver

Spinner, Stephanie.

Hermes, Prince of Thieves and son of Zeus, relates why the seasons change, the history of the Trojan War, his friendship with Pegasus, and many more adventures.

Quiver Teen Book Quiver

Spinner, Stephanie.

When her father commands that she produce an heir, the huntress Atalanta gives her suitors a seemingly impossible task in order to uphold her pledge of chastity, as the gods of ancient Greece look on.

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