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Something from the nightside book Something from the nightside
Detective Taylor uses his gift as a child of the Nightside to help people find lost things, but when Joanna Barrett asks for his help finding her runaway daughter, Taylor is forced to return to the nightmares of his past to bring the girl home. Series: Nightside series

Green, Simon R., 1955-
Storm front book Storm front
Readers meet Harry Dresden, Wizard for Hire. He finds lost items, conducts paranormal investigations, does consulting work, gives advice and charges reasonable rates. This is the first book in the Dresden Chronicles, with two more to come. Series: The Dresden Files

Butcher, Jim, 1971-
The devil you know book The devil you know
Felix Castor is a freelance exorcist, and London is his stamping ground. It may seem like a good ghostbuster can charge what he likes and enjoy a hell of a lifestyle--but there's a risk: Sooner or later he's going to take on a spirit that's too strong for him. While trying to back out of this ill-conceived career, Castor accepts a seemingly simple ghost-hunting case at a museum in the shadowy heart of London-- just to pay the bills, you understand. But what should have been a perfectly straightforward exorcism is rapidly turning into the Who Can Kill Castor First Show, with demons and ghosts all keen to claim the big prize. That's OK: Castor knows how to deal with the dead. It's the living who piss him off... Series: Felix Castor

Carey, Mike. 1959-
The trouble with magic book The trouble with magic
Antiques-shop clerk Maggie O'Neill was a little weirded out when she discovered her new boss Felicity was a witch. But when Felicity becomes the suspect in a local murder, Maggie must enlist Felicity's wiccan friends for help--and discover her own spellbinding talent. Series: Bewitching Mysteries

Alt, Madelyn.
What's a ghoul to do? book What's a ghoul to do?
This first title in a new series introduces no-nonsense medium M.J. Holliday. M.J. has two rules: One, she and her partner, Gilley Gillespie, work alone; and two, she doesn't date clients. But when handsome Dr. Steven Sable needs her help to prove his grandfather met with foul play, M.J. is ready to break both her rules. Series: Ghost Hunter Mysteries

Laurie, Victoria.
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