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I like you just the way I am : stories about me and some other people book I like you just the way I am : stories about me and some other people

Mollen, Jenny, 1979-
792.028 MOLLEN

Collection of essays by actress and writer Jenny Mollen. She doesn't want much from life. Just to be loved by everybody: her parents, her dogs, her ex-boyfriends, her ex-boyfriend's dogs, her husband, her husband's ex-girlfriends, her husband's ex-girlfriend's new boyfriends, etc. Oh, and she's married to a famous guy.

Suggested by Liz

How to mulch : save water, feed the soil, and suppress weeds book How to mulch : save water, feed the soil, and suppress weeds

Campbell, Stu, author.
635.04 CAMPBEL

Quick answers to all your mulching questions!

Suggested by Liz

Baker Towers book Baker Towers

Haigh, Jennifer, 1968-

The decade following World War II becomes one of tragedy, excitement, and unexpected change for the five Novak children and the residents of their western Pennsylvania mining town.

Suggested by Liz

A Dirty Job book A Dirty Job

Moore, Christopher, 1957-

Charlie Asher is a pretty normal guy with a normal life, married to a bright and pretty woman who actually loves him for his normalcy. They're even about to have their first child. Yes, Charlie's doing okay—until people start dropping dead around him. Charlie Asher, it seems, has been recruited for a new position: as Death. A great read for those who enjoy dark and offbeat humor.

Suggested by Liz

The President and the assassin : McKinley, terror, and empire at the dawn of the American century book The President and the assassin : McKinley, terror, and empire at the dawn of the American century

Miller, Scott, 1960-
973.88 MILLER

An account of the 25th President's assassination places events against a backdrop of a rapidly changing, newly industrial nation that President William McKinley regarded as increasingly great while his assassin, Leon Czolgosz, became obsessed with his views on poverty, injustice and social revolution. Though a century has past, the parallels to our current political landscape are hard to ignore.

Suggested by Liz

The tin horse : a novel book The tin horse : a novel

Steinberg, Janice, 1950-

A rich multigenerational story about the intense, often fraught bond sisters share and the dreams and sorrows that lay at the heart of the immigrant experience. Sixty years ago Elaine Greenstein's twin sister, Barbara, ran away, cutting off contact with her family forever. While preparing to move to a retirement home, Elaine is stunned to find a possible hint to Barbara's whereabouts.

Suggested by Liz

The genius of dogs : how dogs are smarter than you think book The genius of dogs : how dogs are smarter than you think

Hare, Brian, 1976-
636.7083 HARE

Breakthroughs in cognitive science, pioneered by Brian Hare have proven dogs have a kind of genius for getting along with people that is unique in the animal kingdom. Brian Hare's stunning discovery is that when dogs domesticated themselves around 40,000 years ago they became far more like human infants than their wolf ancestors. Domestication gave dogs a whole new kind of social intelligence. This finding will change the way we think about dogs and dog training--indeed, the revolution has already begun. This is a fascinating exploration into the human/dog relationship and the trial results from the Duke Dog Cognition Center had some really interesting findings and made my look differently at my relationship with my dogs.

Suggested by Marina

Evolution, me, & other freaks of nature Teen Book Evolution, me, & other freaks of nature

Brande, Robin.

Following her conscience leads high school freshman Mena to clash with her parents and former friends from their conservative Christian church, but might result in better things when she stands up for a teacher who refuses to include "Intelligent Design" in lessons on evolution. Still as topical as when it was published, almost 10 years ago, this book explores the decisions students have to make with scientific fact and religious beliefs and does a good job of portraying both sides and how they can (or sometimes can't) work together.

Suggested by Marina

The great American slow cooker book : 500 easy recipes for every day and every size machine book The great American slow cooker book : 500 easy recipes for every day and every size machine

Weinstein, Bruce, 1960-
641.5884 WEINSTE

The ultimate in slow-cooker books--with 500 recipes, each adapted for three sizes of appliance. From breakfast to soups, mains to grains, vegetables to desserts, this guide is the only book you'll ever need to master your slow cooker or crockpot. Each recipe is labeled for its level of difficulty and nutritional value, and they cover every kind of dish imaginable: delicious breakfast oatmeals, slow-braised meats, succulent vegetables, sweet jams and savory sauces, decadent desserts. This is the slow cooker book to end them all. The lack of photos don't detract from this cookbook and the best thing is the recipes created for different sized slow cookers depending on how many servings you need.

Suggested by Marina

Unremembered Teen Book Unremembered

Brody, Jessica.

A girl, estimated to be sixteen, awakens with amnesia in the wreckage of a plane crash she should not have survived and taken into foster care, and the only clue to her identity is a mysterious boy who claims she was part of a top-secret science experiment. The unraveling of the story of Seraphina has a hint of mystery, intrigue and science fiction and should appeal to readers of all genres.

Suggested by Marina

The killer angels a novel book The killer angels a novel

Shaara, Michael.

Portraits of Lee, Longstreet, and other Civil War leaders are interwoven with historical detail to provide a fictional re-creation of the bloody battle at Gettysburg. In July of 1863, the Confederate Army invaded the North, in order to deal a fatal blow to the Union Army. In the four most bloody and courageous days of the Civil War, their armies fought, one side for freedom and the other side for tradition. As the bodies piled up on the gory field, so did the dreams and hopes of the dead. Their futures were the ultimate casualties of war. An excellent example of historical fiction this is a book for history buffs and fans of books full of tension and action.

Suggested by Marina

Pivot point Teen Book Pivot point

West, Kasie.

Addison Coleman is a divergent (no, not like Tris and Four) which means she can look into the different paths her life can take starting at one point. Her parents are divorcing and she needs to choose with whom she wants to live--her mother in the paranormal Compound world or her father in the world where the regular folk, or Norms, reside. So upon the prodding of her best friend Laila, Addie does a Search. The story is divided into her two Searches with the end resulting in her decision on which path to take. A hybrid time travel/parallel universe story you will feel for Addison when it's decision time.

Suggested by Marina

Savage harvest : a tale of cannibals, colonialism, and Michael Rockefeller's tragic quest for primitive art book Savage harvest : a tale of cannibals, colonialism, and Michael Rockefeller's tragic quest for primitive art

Hoffman, Carl, 1960-

Retracing Rockefeller's steps, journalist Carl Hoffman traveled to the jungles of New Guinea to solve a decades-old mystery and illuminate a culture transformed by years of colonial rule. A riveting story that will have you on the edge of your seat.

Suggested by Jane

The Civil Wars CD The Civil Wars

Civil Wars (Musical group)

Alternative rock that feels like traditional folk music, the Civil Wars perform original songs that will break your heart with the beauty of haunting vocals intertwining with the renderings of a gifted acoustic guitar player.

Suggested by Jane

How to speak Brit : the quintessential guide to the King's English, Cockney slang, and other flummoxing British phrases book How to speak Brit : the quintessential guide to the King's English, Cockney slang, and other flummoxing British phrases

Moore, C. J. (Christopher J.), author.
427.941 MOORE

An A to Z guide to British English-perfect for all Anglophiles. Oscar Wilde once said the Brits have "everything in common with America nowadays except, of course, language." This book will prepare you to be on par speaking with the likes of Sherlock or the ladies of Downton Abbey - both upstairs and downstairs.

Suggested by Jane

The uncommon reader book The uncommon reader

Bennett, Alan, 1934-

Queen Elizabeth, in pursuit of her wandering corgis, stumbles upon a mobile library she was unaware visited the palace on a regular basis. Feeling a duty to borrow a book, she unwittingly becomes a habitual reader, much to the dismay of her staff and fellow royals. With wit and wisdom, England's best loved author reveals the power of literature to change even the most uncommon reader's life.

Suggested by Jane

Sweet tooth : a novel book Sweet tooth : a novel

McEwan, Ian.

Recruited into MI5 against a backdrop of the Cold War in 1972, Cambridge student Serena Frome, is assigned to infiltrate the literary circle of a promising young writer whose politics align with those of the government, a situation that is compromised when she falls in love with him.

Suggested by Jane

The sparrow book The sparrow

Russell, Mary Doria, 1950-

A Jesuit priest, the only survivor of an expedition with the mission to make first contact with intelligent extraterrestrial life, returns to earth to be interrogated by his superiors about what happened to the rest of the explorers. What began as a small misunderstanding between cultures turned into a horrible catastrophe, leaving the priest broken, questioning the existence of God and humanity. Psychologically haunting, this intelligent take on the possibilities of a near future will linger in your memory.

Suggested by Jane

Museum of the missing : a history of art theft book Museum of the missing : a history of art theft

Houpt, Simon.
364.162 HOUPT

More than 20,000 stolen works of art are missing. This books offers you a tour through the world of art theft, featuring the stories and passions of thieves and covert collectors, museums and private hoarders. Explore the history of missing works by Picasso, van Gogh, Renoir and so many others, stolen, found, and, in many cases, lost forever.

Suggested by Jane

Wicked bugs : the louse that conquered Napoleon's army & other diabolical insects book Wicked bugs : the louse that conquered Napoleon's army & other diabolical insects

Stewart, Amy.

In this darkly comical look at the sinister side of our relationship with the natural world, Stewart has tracked down over one hundred of our worst entomological foes-creatures that infest, infect, and generally wreak havoc on human affairs.

Suggested by Jane

Beatrix Potter : a life in nature book Beatrix Potter : a life in nature

Lear, Linda J., 1940-

Though Beatrix Potter is well known around the world for her charming stories and illustrations, few know about the woman behind Peter Rabbit. Her personal life, and her significant achievements outside of children's literature are explored in this biography, revealing an incredible, funny, and independent woman who was instrumental in bringing the beauty and importance of nature to the forefront at a time when plunder was more popular than preservation.

Suggested by Jane

The home place book The home place

La Seur, Carrie, author.

"[A] successful lawyer is pulled back into her troubled family's life in rural Montana in the wake of her sister's death. The only Terrebonne who made it out, Alma thought she was done with Montana, with its bleak winters and stifling ways. But an unexpected call from the local police takes the successful lawyer back to her provincial hometown and pulls her into the family trouble she thought she'd left far behind. Suggested by Stacey

Through black spruce book Through black spruce

Boyden, Joseph, 1966-

A haunting novel about identity, love, and loss. Will Bird is a legendary Cree bush pilot, now lying in a coma in a hospital in his hometown of Moose Factory, Ontario. His niece Annie Bird, beautiful and self-reliant, has returned from her own perilous journey to sit beside his bed. Broken in different ways, the two take silent communion in their unspoken kinship, and the story that unfolds is rife with heartbreak, fierce love, ancient blood feuds, mysterious disappearances, fires, plane crashes, murders, and the bonds that hold a family, and a people, together. Suggested by Stacey

The graveyard book Teen CD Book The graveyard book

Gaiman, Neil.

Nobody Owens is a normal boy, except that he has been raised by ghosts and other denizens of the graveyard. Narrated by the author. Suggested by Stacey

The heart is a lonely hunter book The heart is a lonely hunter

McCullers, Carson, 1917-1967.

Selected by the Modern Library as one of the 100 best novels of all time When she was only twenty-three, Carson McCullers's first novel created a literary sensation. The heroine is the strange young girl, Mick Kelly. The setting is a small Southern town, the cosmos universal and eternal. The characters are the damned, the voiceless, the rejected. Suggested by Stacey

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