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AWARD WINNERS: Pacific Northwest Young Readers Choice Award

AWARD WINNERS: Pacific Northwest Young Readers Choice Award

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Skeleton man Teen Book Skeleton man

Bruchac, Joseph, 1942-

2004 WINNER. Molly's knowledge of and immersion in her Mohawk heritage is something she takes for granted, as is the wisdom that comes from understanding the traditional tales. Bruchac weaves an incredibly scary story of a girl whose warm, contented family is suddenly torn apart.

Because of Winn-Dixie Juvenile Book Because of Winn-Dixie

DiCamillo, Kate.

2003 WINNER. Ten-year-old India Opal Buloni describes her first summer in the town of Naomi, Florida, and all the good things that happen to her because of her big ugly dog Winn-Dixie.

Bud, not Buddy Juvenile Book Bud, not Buddy

Curtis, Christopher Paul.

2002 WINNER. In this Newbery Medal-winning novel, ten-year-old Bud is a motherless boy living in Flint, Michigan, during the Great Depression. Bud escapes a bad foster home and sets out in search of the man he believes to be his father--the renowned band leader, H.E. Calloway of Grand Rapids.

Holes Teen Book Holes

Sachar, Louis, 1954-

2001 WINNER. Stanley Yelnats is under a curse. A curse that began with his no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing-great-great-grandfather and has since followed generations of Yelnats. Now Stanley has been unjustly sent to a boys' detention center, Camp Green Lake, where the warden makes the boys "build character" by spending all day, every day, digging holes: five feet wide and five feet deep. It doesn't take long for Stanley to realize there's more than character improvement going on at Camp Green Lake. The boys are digging holes because the warden is looking for something. Stanley tries to dig up the truth in this inventive and darkly humorous tale of crime and punishment--and redemption.

A mouse called Wolf Juvenile Book A mouse called Wolf

King-Smith, Dick.

2000 WINNER. A mouse with an unusual name shares his musical gift with a widowed concert pianist.

Frindle Juvenile Book Frindle

Clements, Andrew, 1949-

1999 WINNER. Nicholas Allen is not a troublemaker -- he's just creative. When he decides to liven things up in Mrs. Granger's fifth grade language arts class, he comes up with the greatest plan yet. He invents a new word for a pen -- "frindle." It doesn't take long for frindle to take root and soon the excitement spreads beyond the school and town and unleashes a series of events that rapidly spins out of control.

Wayside School gets a little stranger Juvenile Book Wayside School gets a little stranger

Sachar, Louis, 1954-

1998 WINNER. Unusual things continue to happen in the classroom on the thirtieth floor of Wayside School, which was accidentally built sideways with one classroom on each story.

Nasty, stinky sneakers Juvenile Book Nasty, stinky sneakers

Bunting, Eve, 1928-

1997 WINNER. Will ten-year-old Colin find his missing stinky sneakers in time to enter The Stinkiest Sneakers in the World contest?

Terror at the zoo Juvenile Book Terror at the zoo

Kehret, Peg.

1995 WINNER. Ellen Streater's perfect birthday present -- an overnight camp-out at the zoo -- turns to terror as the kids discover they're being stalked by an escaped convict. Their only chance is Ellen's crazy science project on animal communication.

An Accelerated Reader(R) title

Shiloh Juvenile Book Shiloh

Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds.

1994 WINNER. There's nothing eleven-year-old Marty Preston enjoys more than spending time up in the hills behind his home near Friendly, West Virginia. But this time is different. This time Marty sees a young beagle on the road past the old Shiloh school-house. Marty feels sure the dog is being abused by his owner. When the dog runs away to Marty's house, his parents say he must bring him back. But it hurts Marty to return the runaway dog to his cruel master. That's when Marty secretly decides he'll do anything to save the dog he names Shiloh.

Maniac Magee :  a novel Juvenile Book Maniac Magee : a novel

Spinelli, Jerry.

1993 WINNER. He wasn't born with the name Maniac Magee. He came into this world named Jeffrey Lionel Magee, but when his parents died and his life changed, so did his name. And Maniac Magee became a legend. Even today kids talk about how fast he could run; about how he hit an inside-the-park "frog" homer; how no knot, no matter how snarled, would stay that way once he began to untie it. But the thing Maniac Magee is best known for is what he did for the kids from the East Side and those from the West Side.

Danger in Quicksand Swamp Juvenile Book Danger in Quicksand Swamp

Wallace, Bill, 1947-

1992 WINNER. Ben and Jake battle alligators, quicksand, and a murderer when they search for buried treasure on an island in a swamp.

There's a boy in the girls bathroom Juvenile Book There's a boy in the girls bathroom

Sachar, Louis, 1954-

1990 WINNER. An unmanageable, but lovable, eleven-year-old misfit learns to believe in himself when he gets to know the new school counselor, who is a sort of misfit too.

Wait till Helen comes :  a ghost story Juvenile Book Wait till Helen comes : a ghost story

Hahn, Mary Downing.

1989 WINNER. Molly and Michael dislike their spooky new stepsister Heather but realize that they must try to save her when she seems ready to follow a ghost child to her doom.

6th grade can really kill you Juvenile Book 6th grade can really kill you

DeClements, Barthe.

1988 WINNER. Helen fears that lack of improvement in her reading may leave her stuck in the sixth grade forever, until a good teacher recognizes her reading problem.

The dollhouse murders Juvenile Book The dollhouse murders

Wright, Betty Ren.

1986 WINNER. A strange dollhouse in their aunt's attic helps Amy and her retarded sister unravel a murder mystery.

Thirteen ways to sink a sub Juvenile Book Thirteen ways to sink a sub

Gilson, Jamie.

1985 WINNER. All year Hobie Hanson and his fellow fourth graders have waited for a substitute teacher. At last she arrives, green and trusting--a quick sink, 4B is sure. But Svetlana Ivanovich has staying power. "A crispy, inventive plot that is top drawer....This will make a great read-aloud--for any teacher who dares!"

The Indian in the cupboard Juvenile Book The Indian in the cupboard

Banks, Lynne Reid, 1929-

1984 WINNER. A nine-year-old boy receives a plastic Indian, a cupboard, and a little key for his birthday and finds himself involved in adventure when the Indian comes to life in the cupboard and befriends him.

Superfudge Juvenile Book Superfudge

Blume, Judy.

1983 WINNER. He knows a lot of big words, but he doesn't know where babies come from. He's never heard of a stork, but he plans to be a bird when he grows up. He's Superfudge, otherwise known as Farley Drexel Hatcher. And, according to his older brother Peter, the biggest pain ever invented. Among other things. As fans of Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing already know, nothing is simple for Peter Hatcher. He is far from overjoyed at the turn the family fortunes are taking. It looks as if Peter will be spending the sixth grade far from Central Park, Sheila Tubman, Jimmy Fargo, and Henry the doorman. (He won't miss Sheila). And it also looks as if Fudge will no longer be the baby of the family. How will Peter ever survive if his new sibling is a carbon copy of Fudge? But as Fudge fans also know, bad news for Peter generally means good news for Judy Blume's readers-in the form of a very funny story. They won't be disappointed!

Bunnicula :  a rabbit-tale of mystery Juvenile Book Bunnicula : a rabbit-tale of mystery

Howe, Deborah.

1982 WINNER. It all begins when the Monroes go to see the movie Dracula. At the theater, Toby finds something on his seat-a baby rabbit, which the family takes home and names Bunnicula. It proves to be an apt name, at least as far as Chester the cat is concerned. Well-read and observant, Chester soon decides that there is something odd about the newcomer. For one thing, he seems to have fangs. And the odd markings on his back look a bit like a cape. Furthermore, Bunnicula sleeps from sunup to sundown and is only awake at night. And then there are the vegetables...the white vegetables.

Is Bunnicula really a vampire? Only Bunnicula knows for sure. But the story of Chester's suspicions and their consequences-as told by his canine pal, Harold-makes uproarious reading.

Ramona and her father Juvenile Book Ramona and her father

Cleary, Beverly.

1980 WINNER. The family routine is upset during Ramona's year in second grade when her father unexpectedly loses his job.

Roll of thunder, hear my cry Juvenile Book Roll of thunder, hear my cry

Taylor, Mildred D.

1979 WINNER. A black family living in Mississippi during the Depression of the 1930s is faced with prejudice and discrimination which its children do not understand.

Blubber Juvenile Book Blubber

Blume, Judy.

1977 WINNER. Blubber is a good name for her, the note from Caroline said about Linda. Jill crumpled it up and left it on the corner of her school desk. She didn't want to think about Linda or her dumb report on the whale just then. Jill wanted to think about Halloween. But Robby grabbed the note and before Linda stopped talking it had gone halfway around the room. That's where it all started...there was something about Linda that made a lot of kids in her fifth-grade class want to see how far they could go...but nobody, Jill least of all, expected the fun to end where it did.

Tales of a fourth grade nothing Juvenile Book Tales of a fourth grade nothing

Blume, Judy.

1975 WINNER. Peter, because he's the oldest, must deal with Fudgie's disgusting cuteness, his constant meddling with Peter's stuff, and other grave offenses, one of which is almost too much to bear.

Mrs. Frisby and the rats of NIMH Juvenile Book Mrs. Frisby and the rats of NIMH

O'Brien, Robert C.

1974 WINNER. Mrs. Frisby, a widowed mouse with four small children, must move her family to their summer quarters immediately, or face almost certain death. But her youngest son, Timothy, lies ill with pneumonia and must not be moved. Fortunately, she encounters the rats of NIMH, an extraordinary breed of highly intelligent creatures, who come up with a brilliant solution to her dilemma.

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