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SPECIAL TOPICS: Transportation: Things in Flight

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SPECIAL TOPICS: Transportation: Things in Flight

A history of aircraft Juvenile Book A history of aircraft
A visual look into the history of human invention, this series describes the evolution of various means of transportation.

Leoni, Cristiana.
J 629.133 LEONI
Aero-mania! Juvenile Book Aero-mania!
Reach for the sky in Aero-Mania, a fascinating look at some of the world's hottest planes. Learn about the huge Airbus A380, which will carry up to 1,000 passengers, and the experimental X-43A, designed to travel more than five times the speed of sound. Discover how an unusual plane called Voyager flew around the world non-stop without refueling, and much more!

Gunston, Bill.
J 629.1333 GUNSTON
Airplanes book Airplanes
Simple text and supportive full-color photographs introduce young readers to airplanes.

Lindeen, Mary.
E 629.1333 LINDEEN
Airplanes book Airplanes
Brief text and illustrations present a variety of airplanes and what they do.

Barton, Byron.
Astro Bunnies book Astro Bunnies
Astro Bunnies take rockets into space, explore, and return home.

Loomis, Christine.
Captain Invincible and the space shapes book Captain Invincible and the space shapes
Captain Invincible and his intrepid space-dog, Comet, are on a perilous journey back to Earth! Throughout their mission, the fearless captain and his canine sidekick encounter asteroids, poisonous gas, and alien beings. But will their knowledge of three-dimensional shapes, including cubes, cones, and pyramids, help our heroes navigate past these obstacles -- and make it safely home?

Murphy, Stuart J., 1942-
Clorinda takes flight book Clorinda takes flight
Kinerk and Kellogg once again team up in a new adventure featuring the irrepressible Clorinda, a cow with a mind of her own, who follows her heart to make her dream of flying come true.

Kinerk, Robert.
Earth to Stella! book Earth to Stella!
Kid-friendly, cute-as-a-button illustrations complement this humorous story about a girl with her head in the cosmos and a dad ready to bring her back down to Earth.

Puttock, Simon.
F-15 Eagle Juvenile Book F-15 Eagle
Describes the F-15 Eagle.

Stone, Lynn M.
J 623.7464 STONE
Flying high :  air travel past and present Juvenile Book Flying high : air travel past and present
A history of man's attempts to fly is presented from early experiments in the fifteenth century to the successful achievements of the Wright brothers to the space shuttles of today.

Shuter, Jane.
J 387.7 SHUTER
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