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FAMILY LIFE: Parent in the Military

FAMILY LIFE: Parent in the Military

For other resources for military families, see these sites compiled by the Washington State Library: Resources for Military Children Affected by Deployment, Military KidsConnect, Military Families Learning Network, Coming Together Around Military Families® (CTAMF)

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My hero :  military kids write about their moms and dads Juvenile Book My hero : military kids write about their moms and dads

J 355.0092 MY HERO

Working through the Armed Services YMCA, Alan Appel and Mike Rothmiller have collected more than 100 essays from children whose parents are serving or have served in the military. The children’s heartfelt, moving, sometimes funny, and completely honest observations about their moms and dads truly capture the emotional connection between parent and child.

My red balloon book My red balloon

Bunting, Eve, 1928-

A boy who has been waiting for his daddy to come home from overseas takes along something very important: his red balloon, which will help his father find him among the crowd at the pier. As the ship his daddy is on approaches the harbor, the boy loses his grip on the red balloon. Will his daddy find him in the crowd?

My big brother book My big brother

Cohen, Miriam.

When his big brother leaves to become a soldier, a boy does what he can to take his place in the family.

Pilot mom book Pilot mom

Duble, Kathleen Benner.

Jenny's mother is a military pilot who will soon leave on a training mission.

Night catch book Night catch

Ehrmantraut, Brenda.

When a soldier's work takes him halfway around the world, he enlists the help of the North Star for a nightly game of catch with his son.

Off to war :   voices of soldiers' children Juvenile Book Off to war : voices of soldiers' children

Ellis, Deborah, 1960-
J 303.6608 ELLIS

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have impacted the children of soldiers--men and women who have been called away from their families to fight in a faraway war. In their own words, some of these children describe how their experience has marked and shaped their lives.

Home to me, home to you book Home to me, home to you

Ericsson, Jennifer A.

Alternating between a child's and a mother's voice, this tender story chronicles a day in the life of a mother and daughter separated by the mother's business trip, resulting in a book that transcends its story and becomes a universal tale of unconditional love. Full color.

Captain Cat :  Story and pictures book Captain Cat : Story and pictures

Hoff, Syd, 1912-2004.

A cat makes friends with a soldier and learns about military life when he joins the army.

Piper Reed, Navy brat Juvenile Book Piper Reed, Navy brat

Holt, Kimberly Willis.

Piper is sad about leaving her home and friends behind when her father, a Navy aircraft mechanic, is transferred yet again, but with help from her often-annoying sisters and a surprise from their parents, she finds happiness in their new home in Pensacola, Florida.

Ned and the general :  a lesson about deployment book Ned and the general : a lesson about deployment

Madison, Ron.

A well written book on a subject that is very timely. An excellent book for children, families and friends, where deployment has effected their lives.

Love, Lizzie :  letters to a military mom Juvenile Book Love, Lizzie : letters to a military mom

McElroy, Lisa Tucker.

Nine-year-old Lizzie writes to her mother, who is deployed overseas during wartime, and includes maps that show her mother what Lizzie has been thinking and doing. Includes nonfiction tips for helping children of military families.

Soldier mom Juvenile Book Soldier mom

Mead, Alice.

Eleven-year-old Jasmyn gets a different perspective on life when her mother is sent to Saudi Arabia at the beginning of the Persian Gulf War, leaving her and her baby half brother behind in Maine in the care of her Mother's boyfriend.

When Dad's at sea book When Dad's at sea

Pelton, Mindy L.

Emily's dad is in the military and sometimes he has to leave for months at a time. Emily knows her dad's job is important, but she doesn't want him to leave. Written by the wife of a Navy pilot, this realistic story is complemented by Steele's stunning paintings.

The Kissing Hand book The Kissing Hand

Penn, Audrey, 1947-

Chester Racoon and his mother-and the ways love works to reassure us and give us strength in a sometimes scary world-are the focus of this beautifully written and illustrated children's book. The Kissing Hand makes a wonderful gift for a child entering school or going to camp for the first time, or for any occasion where a child will be temporarily separated from home and loved ones.

The impossible patriotism project book The impossible patriotism project

Skeers, Linda.

Celebrating the men and women serving the United States in the armed forces today, as well as the families that give up so much to support them, this title delivers a classic story, full of warmth and humor, that will resonate with families all across the nation.

When I miss you book When I miss you

Spelman, Cornelia.

Young children often experience anxiety when they are separated from their mothers or fathers. This newest title in The Way I Feel series features a young guinea pig who expresses her distress when her mother and father go away.

While you are away book While you are away

Spinelli, Eileen.

Spinelli's lyrical, patriotic text and Graef's uplifting illustrations depicting military families combine to create a reassuring book about separation and reunion.

Red, white, and blue good-bye book Red, white, and blue good-bye

Tomp, Sarah Wones.

Daddy is a navy man. He loves his family, but sometimes duty calls. And when it's time for him to ship out, it's difficult for his young daughter to accept. Saying good-bye can be upsetting. But the fun moments and special rituals they share make parting easier. Daddy's uplifting red, white, and blue good-bye reminds us all that we can stay connected with our loved ones in our hearts, even when we can't be close to them in person.

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