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Boundless Grace book Boundless Grace

Hoffman, Mary, 1945-

Grace is invited for a visit with her father and his new family in Africa.

Dinosaurs divorce :  a guide for changing families book Dinosaurs divorce : a guide for changing families

Brown, Laurene Krasny.
E 306.89 BROWN

Text and illustrations of dinosaur characters introduce aspects of divorce such as its causes and effects, living with a single parent, spending holidays in two separate households, and adjusting to a stepparent.

Divorce and separation Juvenile Book Divorce and separation

Murphy, Patricia J., 1963-
J 306.89 MURPHY

Helps children understand what it means when their parents divorce or separate, explaining the difference between divorce and separation and addressing the conflicting emotions children may have as they try to understand why their parents are splitting up.

Fred stays with me! book Fred stays with me!

Coffelt, Nancy.

Told from the point of view of a young child whose parents are divorced, this story follows a girl and her dog, Fred, from one parents house to the others.

My mom's wedding book My mom's wedding

Bunting, Eve, 1928-

Helping children work out conflicted emotions about divorce, this uplifting story offers a timeless message for nontraditional families.

My parents are divorced, my elbows have nicknames, and other facts about me book My parents are divorced, my elbows have nicknames, and other facts about me

Cochran, Bill, 1966-

While describing his not-so-weird life with his divorced parents, a young boy also describes some other things about himself that could be considered weird.

My parents' divorce book My parents' divorce

Cole, Julia.
E 306.89 COLE

Discusses why divorce happens, how to cope with it, and how to deal with difficult feelings as well as friends whose parents are divorced.

Oliver at the window book Oliver at the window

Shreeve, Elizabeth.

When Oliver's parents move into separate houses, he spends a lot of time looking out of windows with his pet lion as he adjusts to a new preschool and to living in two places. Ages 3-6

The best of both nests book The best of both nests

Clarke, Jane, 1954-

Addressing the topic of divorce, this story for very young children who are just beginning to deal with their parents' separation offers comfort and reassurance as it describes how a little bird comes to terms with living in two separate nests.

Two homes book Two homes

Masurel, Claire.

At Mommy's house, Alex has a soft chair. At Daddy's house, Alex has a rocking chair. In each home, Alex also has a special bedroom and lots of friends to play with. But whether Alex is with Mommy or with Daddy, one thing always stays the same -- Alex is loved.

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