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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's

Can I print using my own laptop or device with Wi-Fi in the library?

Print by WiFi service is available in all libraries.

What can I print?
You can print websites, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, pdfs, or plain text files.

For full instructions, please see our Printing from wireless page.

I want to print but my software is not listed above.
If possible convert it to PDF and then print. Most word processors have the ability to save a document as a .pdf file. Some web browsers also have this ability.

Can I print color?
No, currently wireless printing is only black and white.

Is it free?
The remote printing is tied to your library card. The same printing rules apply whether you are on a desktop or wireless. See our Is there a charge for printing? page for specifications.

What if I only want to print a single page from my multi-page document?
You cannot choose to print only a small section of your document or webpage. Remote printing is an all or nothing system.

Can I print emails?
No. a good rule of thumb is that if you need a username and password to access what you want to print, then it cannot be printed with the remote printing system.

On the sit-down computers certain sites have free printing (, Is this the case with remote printing?
Yes those sites are still free to print using remote printing.

Can I print from my phone or tablet?
You can print websites from your mobile device.

Another option for printing from your laptop or mobile device would be to save the work to a USB flash drive, then login to a workstation and send print job to a printer.

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