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Lightning Thief Teen Book Lightning Thief

4 stars.

Describe the book: Percy Jackson is a kid, Normal enough, until he finds out he's a demigod. He is being accused of stealing a lightning bolt from Zeus. In order to save his life and Olympus, he must find the bolt.

What did you think: I love this book and the whole series. I like when Percy pushes Patty into the fountain with his powers.

Who would you recommend it to: Middle school kids

- E.A. (Grade 7) from Langley Library

Rick Riordan
Revenge of the Girl with the Great Personality Teen Book Revenge of the Girl with the Great Personality

4 stars.

Describe the book: Lexi has a great personality. But she longs to be one of those girls. The girls that get noticed by boys and invited to parties. So to help her out, her friends, Ben and Cam, make her wear makeup and a dress to school. After her transformation, she realizes that high school's like a beauty pageant. But then she realizes is this all really worth it?

What did you think: This book makes me relate it to high school life. Your judged by your status; how rich you are, whether you wear nice clothes, and the jobs your parents have. My favorite part was when Logan walks in on Lexi and Taylor kissing each other. I was thinking, "Score! Yesss!" It made me feel so refreshed and thought that Logan would be jealous of Taylor.

Who would you recommend it to: High school life teen book.

- G.K. (Grade 8) from Mukilteo Library

Elizabeth Eulberg
Tempt Me At Twilight book Tempt Me At Twilight

4 stars.

Describe the book: Poppy has always had a different family so she wants a normal marriage. However, when her reputation is compromised she must marry Harry, a successful hotelier. What follows is a bumpy year. Although they have passion, Poppy must break through Harry's walls and gain his trust in time to face their worst foe. Will they be able to forge a true union?

What did you think: This book is amazing! Poppy is the type of person every girl wishes to be and exhibits the grace and love needed to tame the distrust in Harry. My favorite parts are when she interacts with her weird family. I also love how Poppy deals with Harry even when he is being extremely difficult. This book taught me that the villain can become the hero!!

Who would you recommend it to: romance and historic fiction lovers

- K.O. (Grade 11) from Lake Stevens Library

Lisa Kleypas
The Reason I Jump book The Reason I Jump

3 stars.

Describe the book: Written by an autistic teenage boy, this book takes the format of a question-and-answer session. Ever wondered why an autistic person obsesses over a certain thing, or why the tiniest mistake makes him or her completely break down? You may find an answer, or at least some clues, in this short book. Read to broaden your understanding of humanity.

What did you think: I saw a review on this book and was intrigued. I know an autistic teen, and have wanted to be an encouragement to him. As I read this book, I found several tidbits that helped me understand him better. I only wish that a few more details would have been given on how to actually help people with autism. Also, I found the final story downrighy weird.

Who would you recommend it to: Those wanting to better understand autistic people

- C.B. (Grade 11) from Lake Stevens Library

Naoki Higashida
616.8588 HIGASHI
The Fault in our Stars Teen Book The Fault in our Stars

4 stars.

Describe the book: I believe the Fault in our stars is a very good book. John Green did a very good job with this novel. This book is about Hazel and discovers she has cancer. In this book she meets Augustus Waters a boy who is in love with Hazel. In this book they go through a lot together even though they have cancer that won't stop them from chasing their dreams.

What did you think: My favorite part in this book is when their friend Isaac is upset because his girlfriend recently broke up with him because he was about to have surgery where he'd be blind. So he's screaming and crying and end's up breaking Augustus's basketball trophies. And during that time Augustus and Hazel are talking about An imperial affliction a book.

Who would you recommend it to: I would recommend book to romantic story lovers

- M.D. (Grade 7) from Langley Library

John Green
Journey to the Center of the Earth book Journey to the Center of the Earth

2 stars.

Describe the book: Otto Lindenbrock, a professor who lives in Hamburg is Axel, the main character's uncle. The two journey to Iceland to study a volcano. Hans, their guide accompanies them on their journey. When they descend into the volcano, they realize the volcano is a path to the center of the earth! The trio have many strange encounters on this perilous journey.

What did you think: My favorite part of this book is when they discover the strange creatures under the surface of the earth. The way this book was worded did confuse and disappoint me at times. But most importantly, the actual story/plot of this book was rather good.

Who would you recommend it to: Adventure and science fiction lovers.

- L.M. (Grade 7) from Mukilteo Library

Jules Verne
Maximum Ride: Angel Experiment Teen Book Maximum Ride: Angel Experiment

4 stars.

Describe the book: This is the story of a flock. A flock of children. 97% human and 3% bird. They have wings you see, and they came to be this gifted with a price. When each of them were babies, they were taken from their families and experimented on 'The School'. And now they fend for their lives. Follow them on their hard journey discovering secrets of their pasts.

What did you think: This book empowered me and I couldn't put it down. There is an entire series and I breezed through each book in days. I love the twists and turns. I really don't want to give anything away, so I can't tell my favorite part. And overall, every part is good. James Patterson absolutely outdid himself with this series about a flock of remarkable people

Who would you recommend it to: definitely teens who are into sci-fi and romance.

- M.D. (Grade 8) from Langley Library

James Patterson
Ever After High The Unfairest of Them All Juvenile Book Ever After High The Unfairest of Them All

4 stars.

Describe the book: Raven Queen daughter of the evil queen has to survive Ever After High after not signing the book of legends. Half the school thinks she really messed up and ruined her story. The other half agrees with her and wants to write their own story because they don't like their legend. This book was like real life for teens... but in fairy tale format.

What did you think: I LOVED this book!!!! I expected it to be one of those books that was super cheesy and little kiddish. But it was really good, Shannon Hale did a good job of making this fairy tale relatable for teens. The only thing didn't like was that Apple White is known for being unselfish but she doesn't seem to care that Raven won't be happy as the evil queen

Who would you recommend it to: fantasy and realistic fiction lovers

- C.Q. (Grade 6) from Lynnwood Library

Shannon Hale
A Creature of Moonlight Teen Book A Creature of Moonlight

3 stars.

Describe the book: In Marni's kingdom the forests move in and out like the tide, full of magical creatures and whispering voices that take people away from their homes never to return--all except for Marni's mother. Lately the forests haven't been going out, they're only coming in, and Marni's uncle is willing to kill in order to get them to go back out again.

What did you think: I absolutely adored this book! Not all of the plot completely made sense or was fully resolved by the end but the beautiful way that everything was written almost made up for any fault that I could find with this book. I'm intrigued that the MC in this book is so different from myself, and it's made my world a little bit bigger.

Who would you recommend it to: Readers who enjoy beautiful prose.

- V.E. (Grade 10) from Edmonds Library

Rebecca Hahn
The Forgotten Garden book The Forgotten Garden

4 stars.

Describe the book: This book follows the lives of four women whose lives - and family trees - are connected in ways unknown. When her grandmother Nell dies, Cassandra journeys to Cornwall, England to visit the old cottage her grandmother left to her - one she didn't know existed, in hopes of solving the mystery of Nell's mysterious origins.

What did you think: Morton artfully weaves half a dozen voices - children through old women, some the same person at different ages - together into a compelling mystery. This novel explores one's place in the world, as well as the powerful bond between mother and daughter, and the role these play in shaping one's life.

Who would you recommend it to: 13+ who like historical mysteries and fairytales

- P.C. (Grade 11) from Edmonds Library

Kate Morton
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